Police say Michael Wylie fled from early morning traffic crash in Tigard before he was shot by Marion County Sheriffs deputies.

by: KEIZER POLICE - Keizer Police say Marion County Sheriff's deputies shot at a man after he brandished a weapon Friday. The man is implicated in a string of crimes in three states, including threatening to shoot a Tigard Police officer.WylieA man shot by sheriff’s deputies outside of Salem was involved in a hit-and-run crash in Tigard a few hours before, and reportedly threatened to shoot an officer during a police chase before running off.

Michael Kent Wylie, 48, an out-of-state fugitive from Utah is believed to have been involved in a string of crimes stretching across three states.

Police had been searching for him for months, after he allegedly violated his parole in Salt Lake City in December 2012.

He stayed off the radar until last Tuesday, when police in Edmonds, Wash., outside of Seattle, said Wylie broke into a woman’s home and held her at gunpoint while he stole items.

The robbery put a nearby elementary school into lock-down while police searched the area, but the thief stole a car and disappeared, reappearing in Tigard three days later.

Tigard Police were notified early Friday, April 26, after a car Wylie was reportedly in crashed into another car near Pacific Highway and Southwest Watkins Avenue at about 5:15 a.m.

Wylie was a passenger in the vehicle, said Tigard Police spokesman Jim Wolf, and walked away from the crash as officers were on their way to the scene.

Police began to search the area for the passenger, and Wolf said an officer found the man lying on the ground behind a nearby strip mall.

Wolf wasn't sure if Wylie was injured, but said that when the officer approached the man, he ran off following a fence line behind the strip mall.

The officer chased after the man, telling him to stop, Wolf said, but the man scaled the fence into a residential area.

When the officer attempted to follow, Wolf said, Wylie allegedly stopped, faced the officer and raised a handgun, pointing it at him.

Wolf said the officer took cover and Wylie ran off.

A Beaverton K-9 unit searched the area, but Wylie wasn’t found. He is believed to have stolen a car from the Bull Mountain area.

Police would later learn that the car Wylie was traveling in was reported stolen from Seattle.

The driver of that car exchanged information with the driver and spoke with police, Wolf said.

The woman told police her name was Rebecca Sanchez, Wolf said, but police later learned her true name is Julie Marie Young, .

Wolf said Young claimed to be a “brief acquaintance” of Wylie's when she spoke with police, but Young was arrested by authorities from the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office the same day as Wylie in December 2012, according to records.

Young was not arrested after the crash, Wolf said, because much of the information about the stolen car and Wylie's alleged crimes were unknown at the time.

Young was arrested by Snohomish County Sheriff's deputies Friday evening after she apparently took a taxi back into Washington after the crash.

Snohomish County officials said Young tried to use a stolen credit card in a deli in Edmonds then gave a false name to deputies.

She is charged with using stolen property, making false statements to a public servant.

Just what Wylie and Young were doing in Tigard remains a mystery, but Wolf said that after eluding police, Wylie stole a car from the Bull Mountain area and fled the scene.

The car was next seen driving erratically on Southeast Sunnyside Road north of the Illahe overpass at Interstate 5 about two hours later, said Jeff Kuhns with the Keizer Police Department, which is investigating the shooting.

Kuhns said that two Marion County Sheriff’s deputies didn't know the car was stolen until after the incident.

The deputies were responding to what they thought was a drunk driver, Kuhns said. They found the car pulled over to the side of the road, with the driver slumped over the steering wheel, passed out.

When deputies revived the man, he reportedly brandished a handgun, Kuhns said. One of the deputies opened fire, striking him in the leg.

He was treated for non-life threatening injuries and lodged in the Marion County Jail the next day.

Wylie is charged with unlawful use of a weapon, being a felon in possession of a firearm and the Utah parole violation.

Kuhns said that the investigation was working with the Tigard Police as well as Edmonds Police and said that Wyle may face charges in each of those cases.

He is being held on $15,000 bail.

Wolf said that it wasn't luck that allowed police to link Wylie to the different crimes, but officers doing their jobs.

"It was some excellent policework,” Wolf said. “With the information that was almost simultaneously being released about the stolen vehicle while officers were with him in Salem, and info out of Edwards, we were able to make this connection.”

Wylie is scheduled to appear in Marion County Circuit Court on May 8.

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