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Despite the busted sign visible from Interstate 5, Jiggles in Tualatin is still open for business.The iconic roadside sign suddenly has the appearance of neglect, but Jiggles isn’t going anywhere — yet.

Construction on the Nyberg Rivers development continues all around, but owner Jane Coppedge said the 18-and-older adult entertainment venue has yet to name its last night. The establishment’s pre-existing lease ends June 30 with property owner Dean MacBale, and Coppedge said Jiggles will have its second life elsewhere, although she hasn’t settled on a new location.

“It’s a shame it couldn’t have (waited) until January,” Coppedge said. “That would’ve been (the club’s) 30th anniversary.”

Still, she’s determined to keep the place running up to the very end — whether that means a move or an early summer closure — despite the fact business has dipped more than 20 percent since ground was first broken for the multi-acre retail development center that will raze the squat building currently housing the nude dance revue. Fences that have been put up near the perimeter of the Jiggles parking lot only add to the illusion that Jiggles is no longer open for business and, Coppedge argues, deters would-be customers.

Adding to the effect is the light-up sign that has long loomed over Interstate 5, which was damaged during intense wind storms last week.

Coppedge admits the timing of that is rather funny, and that, given Jiggles’ eminent move, she has no plans to fix what has become the marker to the gateway to Tualatin.

“Things are happening to tell me, ‘Yeah, it’s your time to move,’” Coppedge laughs.

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