by: TIMES PHOTO: CAITLIN FELDMAN - The Adjusted Nutz from left to right are Dan Baumberger on bass; Patrick Christina on drums; Scot Gavic with vocals; and Dave Ling on guitar.Two women hurriedly make their way to the CI Bar and Grill dance floor. Warm-ups and hesitations don’t exist.

They begin jiving with a fervor presumably learned decades ago and surprisingly maintained, as the ladies are upwards of 65 years old. Their dance moves suggest otherwise, however, as they groove and sway with the same energy as their much younger counterparts who’ve joined them on the floor.

“The Adjusted Nutz” guitarist Dave Ling, 62, smirks underneath his dusty brown hair as he strums out the melody for the band’s “Mustang Sally” cover. Frontman Scot Gavic, 56, belts out the tune with enough power that a microphone seems redundant. Apparently, he’s been known to shut down a mic or two.

CJ Christina, the wife of drummer Patrick Christina, 59, bounces around the venue snapping pictures and screaming praise. It’s as if she’s never seen her husband play before, but as she whispers partway through the band’s first set, “I used to do this all the time when we lived in Texas.”

Back on stage, Dan Baumberger, 43, bobs with the standard bassist swagger.

For the past two years, “The Adjusted Nutz” have performed covers across the area, primarily at Lu’s Sports Bar and Lounge in Tigard. Last Friday was their CI debut, but the audience knew them well enough that it could easily have been their regular spot.

“(The fans are a) great support, and they come out and watch us play the whole time,” says Gavic. “I mean, that’s what makes the whole band.”

And people really do know them here. Members of the Tualatin-based band were stopped by fans more than once before the show, either for compliments on their soundcheck, attempts to convince them to start early or to simply pull one of the bandmates in for a hug (or a light).

With performances happening about once a month, “The Adjusted Nutz” typically rally more than 100 people to come watch them perform — not bad for a group of guys with regular jobs who started playing together on a whim.

For Gavic, who was selected as the store manager for the future Sherwood Walmart, this band was his first foray out of the karaoke scene.

“The first time I ever heard Scot, I walked into a dive bar and they had karaoke going on in the back,” says Ling of Gavic. “I heard this amazing guy singing, and I thought, ‘My god, who is that guy?’”

A few meetings later, the band was formed, and a regretful name was chosen. “The Adjusted Nutz” collectively agree the name is unfortunate, but their fans won’t let them change it.

There’s been a little shuffling since the band’s original lineup, with Christina being a lucky Craigslist find once the previous drummer left the group.

While there are some original songs in the works, none are quite ready for shows; the bandmates’ work schedules only allow them to practice once a week, making it hard to create new material for the set list. So, they stick to what they know — but that works for their devoted fans.

The pattern is simple: The more popular the tune, the more feet occupy the dance floor and the more voices chime in from the booths and the bar.

The band plays cover songs, but the musicians are also playing into people’s memories and giving them something more tangible than an old record to dance to on a Friday night.

“For us, it’s all about entertainment. It’s all about the audience, and it isn’t anything about us,” says Ling. “We’re a cover band, but that can be a worthwhile endeavor, I think, because you’re giving entertainment and fun for at least a brief amount of time.”

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