Becky Morse followed a dream, and you can find her at the Tualatin Farmers Market

by: TIMES PHOTO: JAIME VALDEZ - Becky Morse measures out raspberries before making jam at her home in Tualatin. Morse sells her jam most Fridays from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Tualatin Farmers Market.Six years ago, Becky Morse made two batches of classic strawberry and raspberry jam. She shipped some of it off to her two sisters and their families, and received a call shortly after that said, “Um, we need more.”

The next year, she whipped together batches in four different flavors and sent them off again. She received another call.

Then, on the first day of second grade, her oldest niece, Anna, declared that “she would no longer eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without Aunt Becky’s special jam.” Shortly thereafter, Morse got a call from Anna begging for more, and naturally she obliged.

—Check out for original recipes, to learn about Morse's favorite local farms or to order some jam for your very own.

—The Tualatin Farmers Market is open every Friday through August from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Tualatin Commons, 8325 SW Nyberg St.

“I think that I ship my sister a jar of jam per week. She thinks it’s less than that, but I see how those kids pile it on,” she said. “My goal sort of jokingly but seriously is to create little jam addicts all over the United States.”

After a few years of getting her family and friends hooked on her jam, numerous people asked why she wasn’t selling it yet. Her response was along the lines of “ehhhhh” — until last summer.

“I had a dream in August. Literally. I have really weird, really vivid dreams. This one was helpful,” said Morse, 39. “(I had a dream) that I started making and selling jam and had my own little business.”

by: TIMES PHOTO: JAIME VALDEZ - Becky Morse makes raspberry jam at her home in Tualatin.The next day, she went to her accounting job at Alliance for a Healthier Generation (which she admits is somewhat ironic), applied for a business license and an Aunt Becky’s website address, and the dream was on its way to reality. By October, she had her domestic kitchen license and started selling jam at craft fairs and Christmas shows. Now, she can be found most Fridays at the Tualatin Farmers Market, conveniently located just a few minutes from her house.

After starting from two modest flavors, Morse has worked her way up to roughly 20 concoctions. She’s always inventing and trying new things, and doesn’t hesitate to use her friends as guinea pigs when determining if a flavor is good enough to keep. Morse is also dedicated to keeping everything as local as possible. She picks much of her own fruit from small farms near Tualatin, and if she can’t find it locally grown, she does research to find out which farms are the next best thing. Even ingredients like sugar and pectin were carefully researched before Morse found the right U.S. companies to buy from. And of course, her jars, labels and packaging are all American made, too.

“I think right now, I’m in a ‘let’s see how this flavor does’ kind of stage. It’s fun to experiment,” she said. “I have this unusual, extraverted, creative side, which is not common for an accountant. It kind of freaks people out.”

She’s right — when imagining an accountant, the bubbly, sarcastic, outgoing Morse is not the first person to come to mind. And while her jam business is going well with orders coming in from states as far away as Michigan and Hawaii, she definitely doesn’t plan on surrendering her day job anytime soon. Right now, jam making is Morse’s creative outlet and stress reliever, and she doesn’t want the business to get so big that it changes. Her goal for the moment is to sell more at the Tualatin Farmers Market and see where it progresses from there.

If you’re not sure whether Aunt Becky’s jam is worth a buy, just try a scoop of her signature cherry pie plum. Or raspberry. Oh, and don’t forget about loganberry. Or her new line of Ribbon Reserves over cheese cake. You’ll be in line with Morse’s nieces, calling and pleading for just one more jar.

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