Matheson is the right choice for School Board

Elections for the open Tigard-Tualatin School Board positions are just around the corner. David Matheson is running for Position 3, and he deserves your vote.

David is passionate about public education and making and keeping our schools the best they can be. Last spring, David and I worked together regarding changes the administration was making to advanced courses at Tigard High School. David spent many hours researching the issue and presenting arguments to the district in support of keeping an existing and challenging program. During that process, David concluded that the district needs more transparency and open discussion in order to maintain high levels of parental and community trust.

There are many challenges facing our schools in the coming years, from changes to proficiency grading to decreased state funding. These challenges will affect how the district spends its money, how our teachers teach, and how our students learn. David’s many years of experience as a corporate attorney ensure that he will not rubber-stamp proposals presented to the board when it comes to curriculum and fiscal matters. He will listen to the administrators, teachers, parents and students on the tough issues facing our district, ask probing questions, and independently make informed decisions. David will do what he can to ensure our district will continue to be a state leader in education.

David is a leader our community can trust. He is the right choice for Tigard-Tualatin School Board Position 3. To learn more about David and his positions, check out his website at

Kathy Cooper-Yoke


A chastised Novick responds to Washington County

I don’t apologize for standing up for my city after Nike hurt our feelings by spurning us for Washington County. But I was impressed and amused by your April 25 editorial, “Culture and quirkiness beyond the tunnel,” which took me to task for my remarks extolling Portland’s hipness over that of our suburban neighbors. I am quite certain that Washington County’s suburbs are cooler and more creative than many major cities are themselves. And yes, I agree that I now have a neighborly obligation to sample some of Washington County’s culinary and cultural delights. So I hereby solemnly swear that between now and Oct. 15, I will indeed sample a burger at Helvetia; join Forest Grove News-Times publisher John Schrag for dinner at either Stecchino or 1810 Main St. Bistro in Forest Grove; get a cappuccino at either Ava Rostaria in Beaverton or Insomnia Coffee in Hillsboro; and see a play at either Bag & Baggage or Broadway Rose. I also hereby confess that since I now live in Multnomah Village, I regularly cross the county line on my way to the Raleigh Hills New Seasons. I also thank you for making me feel like I’ve really arrived as a big-city city councillor. I don’t think you’ve really made it in a job like this until you’ve (1) gotten involved in a taxicab issue, (2) had a hearing on off-leash dogs, and (3) insulted the suburbs. And now, I’ve done all three

Steve Novick

Portland city commissioner

David Matheson puts students’ success first

I could not think of a better candidate to represent local families and students on our Tigard-Tualatin School Board. David Matheson believes in a better tomorrow for our schools.

One can tell that he values dedication to education by beginning with the classroom but not letting the pursuit of knowledge end there. Matheson has helped a tremendous amount with the Speech and Debate Team of Tigard High School, giving his time to make sure that we can attend more tournaments and achieve unthinkable goals (such as having not just one, but two state championships in my four years at Tigard).

Matheson is not just an excellent candidate, but an excellent choice for any voter to make for our school district. By putting students first and treating every child with great potential, Matheson will strive to help the Tigard-Tualatin School District help all students reach their full potential in the best way he can.

I hope everyone votes for this truly dedicated father and his goal of helping our community by serving on the School Board.

Margaret Butler


Contract Publishing

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