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The reluctant eyewitness and other stories from inside the shop

Brought to you by Richard Edmonds, Woodburn Automotive Repair Center - Automotive INSIDER -

Richard Edmonds, Woodburn Automotive Repair CenterBack by popular demand, Richard Edmonds shares a few more funny stories from inside the shop:

“A customer came in with their ‘97 Suzuki Sidekick and said that the air conditioning is not as cold as it used to be. Could we check the air conditioning fluid and see if it’s low and if it is, could we fill it up? We said ‘Yes, we’ll do an A/C service.’ We opened the hood to perform the service, but the tech noticed that the car is not equipped with A/C. Nor has it ever had A/C.”

“Back in 2000, Mary was in the Woodburn Automotive Repair Center office talking on the phone to Maria in the Mufflers, Hitches and More shop office. All of a sudden, a naked man jumped over our fence between the two buildings ran across our shop. Mary said, ‘There’s a naked man running!’ Maria was out the front door with the phone cord stretched as far as it would go, all the while continuing their conversation.

“The police came over the fence in pursuit of the naked man. We were all in shock and laughing at what had just happened. They caught the naked man down the road. About a half-hour later, a reporter from The Woodburn Independent came in to cover the story. He asked, were there any witnesses? We said yes, Mary. He said, ‘Can I talk to her?’ and I said, ‘Why, yes.’ Then he asked Mary, ‘Could you describe what you saw?’ and Mary said, ‘Noooo!’”