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Mary, Maria, Rachel Too: A Poem by Horace Bixby

Brought to you by Richard Edmonds, Woodburn Automotive Repair Center - Automotive INSIDER -

Richard Edmonds, Woodburn Automotive Repair CenterLong-time Woodburn resident Horace Bixby liked to bless his friends with a poem. He has passed on, but his poems are still at both of our shops. They always remind us of him.

I’m writing this verse for three girls at one time.
They’ve been nice to me in a manner sublime.
There is Maria, and Mary, and Rachel, it seems
They brighten my life, if not in my dreams.

Maria I met when she worked in the bank.
She remembered my name, for that I do thank
Her. She now works for Mufflers, Hitches and More,
She still is one girl that spreads sunshine galore.

Then Mary, the sweetheart who does all the books,
She gives you your bill, turning on her good looks.
Two months ago I took my car back,
To have it serviced for things it did lack.

There to my surprise was a beautiful blonde,
Who asked my name, I tried to respond.
She filled out the form, the paper one, I mean,
The car went right in and soon came out clean.

In the short time it took to service the car,
I got to visit with Rachel, I think is a star.

Now you’ve heard of the girls at Mufflers and More,
Where I drive my car clear up to the door.
I’m ready to visit with these girls so sweet,
That will take thirty minutes. How I love that treat!