St. John Bosco High School has purchased Eldriedge Elementary School from the Gervais School District.

St. John Bosco High School is a private, non-profit high school that offers Catholic classical education. The eight-acre property is located at 10327 River Road N.E., in Salem. Although, the address is Salem, the school is located about five miles north of Keizer and five miles south of Gervais.

“The most significant benefits of the recent school building purchase are security and stability, said teacher Charles Catterall in a press release. “Now we know we have a place. We know where we will be and can just focus on the formation of students.”

The purchase of the current location was brought about by several events. Firstly, the Gervais School District had decided to sell three buildings, including the facility previously occupied by St. John Bosco. Secondly, St. John Bosco High School was provided funds which were for the exclusive use of purchasing a permanent facility. Thirdly, St. John Bosco High School wanted to establish a permanent location.

“Another reason for the move was that the annual payment for the school is less than what was being paid to rent our previous facility,” said Kevin Brophy, board member and parent. “In addition our previous rental agreement had a clause which increased our annual payment based upon the number of students attending the school. This became a disincentive for growth in many ways.”

The school serves a greater area and includes many local communities, from Albany to Wilsonville and from Silverton to McMinnville.

“One of the main reasons this facility was selected over several other sites, including our previous facility, was due to the main structure having a large room which could be dedicated as a chapel,” Brophy pointed out. “Our previous facility did not have a dedicated chapel and had many other issues which did not fit into the long-term vision of the school. The current facility also has modular buildings that can be used for future growth, it has larger classrooms, and the facility itself is in good condition.”

The school moved into the new facility at the start of the school year.

“It is exciting to be in this new location,” said Principal Barbara Hettwer in the press release. “I’m looking forward to seeing how God uses this site to be a blessing to our students and the community.”

For more information, visit or call 503-383-7101.

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