Keizer-based restaurant expected to open this summer at Woodburn Station

INDEPENDENT PHOTO: PHIL HAWKINS - Nancy's Burgers and Fries is planning to launch its first location outside of Salem and Keizer in Woodburn this summer. Pictured is the Keizer restaurant, located on River Road.Nancy's Burgers and Fries, a restaurant chain based in Keizer, is opening a Woodburn location this summer. It will be the restaurant's fifth location and its first outside of Salem and Keizer.

The restaurant, which will be part of the new Woodburn Station retail property on Arney Road, is scheduled to open in July or August this year.

"We wanted to move out a little further from the Salem/Keizer area," said Nancy Giddens, the owner and namesake of Nancy's Burgers and Fries.

Giddens said the idea to move to Woodburn came from customer feedback.

"Customers often come in and tell us where they'd like us to open a new location. Woodburn has come up many times," she said.

Giddens started Nancy's Burgers and Fries in 2013, fulfilling her dream of opening a burger shop that served burgers as good as the ones she ate growing up.

"I missed the old-fashioned style of burger, but I couldn't find any. There were none around," Giddens said.

She said what differentiates old-fashioned burgers and the kinds of burgers served at most restaurants now is the amount of care put into choosing the ingredients.

"It takes finding the right blend of meat, getting the potatoes to be perfect," Giddens said.

Burgers at Nancy's are made with ground steak, not hamburger meat, and the restaurant's website says that the brand of oil used in its kitchens was picked over 14 others.

People have drawn comparisons between Nancy's Burgers and Fries and Five Guys, a nationwide chain that has more than 1,000 locations, 15 of which are in Oregon. The restaurants have similar offerings, both serving hamburgers with unlimited toppings, hot dogs, Cajun fries, BLTs and grilled cheese sandwiches. The restaurants both feature a red and white checkered border around their menus.

Giddens isn't oblivious to the comparisons.

"I've heard everything under the sun," Giddens said. "When we opened, so many rumors were flying around. I've heard that I'm an ex-wife of one of the five guys, that I'm a sister of the five guys, like a black sheep in the family."

She said the comparisons are unfounded.

"The only close thing is the red and white checks, which is an old-fashioned statement," Giddens said.

"There is no affiliation whatsoever," she continued. "The only competition I have is myself."

She said Nancy's will stand out in Woodburn for the same reasons it stands out in Keizer and Salem.

"The quality, the atmosphere, the customer service, everything that we can combine and make it all good. That's what's going to make or break a business," Giddens said.

"Anybody can go to McDonalds, Burger King, Five Guys, any of those restaurants," she continued. "We have grown our own customer base and people continue to go to Nancy's for one reason: the quality of the food."

Nancy's Burgers and Fries is the third retail establishment to announce it will open at Woodburn Station. Last year, Starbucks and Chipotle announced they would open at the site in early 2017.

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