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The third piece in three years has been provided to the Donald skate park by North Marion Art Honor Society

LINDSAY KEEFER - Sara Bailey, adviser of North Marion Art Honor Society, puts some finishing touches on the latest mural at Donald Skate Park, which uses a Zentangle to tie in the new piece with last year's mural (in the background).North Marion High School is once again teaming up with the city of Donald to beautify the skate park on the corner of Main and Matthieu streets.

Led by adviser and art teacher Sara Bailey, the North Marion National Art Honor Society has unveiled its third mural at the park, albeit in much smaller form this year.

This year's mural is a welcome sign made up of different designs of the Oregon license plate, flanked by a black and white Zentangle, drawn with an acrylic pen.

The welcome sign serves as a way to bring Donald together with the skate park's patrons who flock from all over.

"Nothing says you're here (at the skate park)," Bailey said. "The kids talked about making that connection that a lot of people who skate here are not from here. The license plates make the connection across generations and city borders. And it tied in with our mural from last year as a more contemporary piece."

On the back of the license plate creation is a black and white Zentangle by freshman Oscar Zurita. Mounted to the left is another Zentangle 4-by-8 panel done entirely by freshman Trillium Steffen.

While much smaller in scale to the last two years' mural projects, which covered either side of a wall that separates the skate park from a basketball court, this year's creation was meant to tie in the skate park side.

"We wanted to create a visual connection to the mural," Bailey said, adding that it was a challenge to "create something new that connects it. The black and white of the Zentangle pulls it all together."

Future projects as part of the NAHS partnership with Donald include painting the bowls of the skate park, which was held off this year as the city looks into possibly making repairs.

The new welcome sign mural, which was installed long in advance of its goal of Hazelnut Festival, was a real labor of love to the students, who presented their ideas to Donald City Council, fundraised to pay for all the supplies on their own — they've worked at Milburn's Haunted Manor, among other fundraisers — and took time out of their summer break to finish it by coming into Bailey's art room almost daily for hours on end.

"It shows it is their project," Bailey said. "I love the fact that the kids want to go to city council meetings and present and ask opinions. They want to make that connection with adults in the community. By doing all this, it's them leaving their legacy with the city. It shows they have true ownership."

Lindsay Keefer can be reached at 503-765-1193 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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