It’s amazing how fast vacation flies. In fact, it’s almost cruel how you blink and suddenly 10 days are gone and you’re back to work with your nose to the grindstone.

For everyone who is used to hearing my tales of weekend getaways to various locations on our great planet, you might be disappointed that this time we opted for something a little closer to home.

Our church has a week-long convention at the Running Y Ranch and Resort outside Klamath Falls, about a five-hour drive from here. The resort has an Arnold Palmer designed golf course, a lot of hiking trails and luxurious homes or hotel rooms to rent. My husband and I rented a chalet with three friends, complete with a hot tub and a view on top of a hill.

It was also complete with visiting deer almost every morning. These deer are not exactly afraid of people, so they came pretty close to our back deck. One of the coolest interactions I’ve seen is between a yearling buck and the neighbor’s cats. The cats hid in the bushes, acting like they wanted to pounce, but the young buck would have none of that and even got up the nerve to chase them away.

What made this vacation great is not only did we get away to a peaceful setting, but we got to go there with our friends. There were numerous church activities planned — a lot of which we helped out with or organized ourselves — including a photo scavenger hunt, themed dinners, a dance and a golf tournament.

With all the excitement going on, we only had time to enjoy our hot tub once.

But this trip was certainly a time for rejuvenation. Although it came and went almost as fast as you can blink, it was just what the doctor ordered. I had a chance to take a break from the daily grind and really focus on what’s important, while enjoying the peace, the friendships and yes, even the wine.

And, who knows, maybe next time, we’ll opt for something more exotic.

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