The 30th annual Tulip Festival at Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm is now underway and will continue until the first weekend in May.

As people who live and work in Woodburn, it is easy to get disgruntled about the loads of traffic going through town during the month of April, especially on the weekends.

Having the Interstate 5 Interchange Project doesn’t help lighten the burden, either.

But though a bit of grumbling would be understandable, we would be remiss to forget what a boon this event is to our local economy.

Don’t underestimate the impact of tourism and commerce brought into Woodburn by the Tulip Festival. Woodburn is the location of Oregon’s No. 2 tourism attraction, Woodburn Premium Outlets, yet we seem to be totally oblivious to the impact on our local economy. We can’t continue to operate as silos.

With each car that drives through town on its way to the tulip fields, that’s a chance for someone to stop and shop or eat in Woodburn. That’s more money filtering into the local economy.

Additionally, Wooden Shoe has been active in the area for years, as volunteer firefighters and members of service organizations. Why not support a local business that gives back to the community?

Lastly, this event gives us a sense of pride. Certainly there are many aspects of Woodburn that make us proud, but this event puts us on the map as a beautiful, must-see place. It celebrates our agricultural heritage while providing entertainment for urban and rural dwellers alike.

So next time you complain about all the tourists driving to Tulip Fest, remember that this event gives back to the Woodburn community in more ways than one.

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