Do you prefer fast action movies or romantic comedies?

Because my husband enjoys the former and I prefer movies that always have happy endings. He often ends up going to movies without me. But lately we’ve been going to the theater together.

Hollywood offerings have been such a blessing! We saw “Heaven is For Real.” Yes it is! We saw “God’s Not Dead.” Have you seen this one yet?

The other day, I inadvertently re-named it “God’s Not Done.” I was talking about the movie, and my hope in God showed itself: God will never quit on us nor change his mind about us. His love is forever. What he says about himself is that he is the same yesterday, today and forever.

So, how was he yesterday? My friend, Carolyne, shared with me the beginnings of her autobiography. She’s 73 years old and has had many yesterdays evidencing God’s goodness. He’s her healer, guide and protection. On a hunting trip, God let her see his protection detail. In Carolyne’s own words:

“About 2009-10, my daughter, son and some others had a run-in with men running bear with dogs out of season. Later, we were told someone had turned them in. I was worried they might think we did, so I asked our church to pray for our safety. I knew God would take care of my daughter and I. We were sent with a prayer cloth and holy oil.

As we were slowly driving, looking for deer to hunt, the poachers passed us looking hard at our pickup. That seemed odd at the time.

The last place we stopped was a meadow. I was sitting on a log and my daughter Robbin was behind and to the left of me when I saw movement to the right. Then I glimpsed other movement.

I couldn’t understand how two men could come that close and we didn’t hear them. Then I understood they were angels there to protect us. One was holding a large scythe and the other a large staff. They were in hunting camouflage clothes. This was their weapons.

My daughter wanted to know what I was looking so hard at. I told her if we’re attacked, she wouldn’t need her gun. We had angels protecting us. She wanted to know where they were, what they wore, what they looked like and if they had weapons. I told her. She seems to know when something is about to happen out of the ordinary. We hunted awhile longer and left for home. I told her they were probably in the back of the pickup when the other vehicle passed us. I thanked God for his protection.”

I trust my friend is telling me the truth. Angels are real. God does care about every detail of our days. He does answer prayer.

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