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Mount Angel resident urges lawmakers to pass legislation (House Bill 2004A) to put limits on evictions

On June 2, my friend and I received a letter of eviction without cause. We have until Aug. 1 to vacate our homes so a dairy worker may move in.

I have lived in my home for 25 years, planted every tree and shrub and even buried three of my beloved pets there. I am 76 years and live on Supplemental Security Income and Social Security. To find a home in time that I can afford with deposits and cost to move is unreachable. My friend has lived in her home for 15 years and is 70 with same.

This is another side of Oregon's no cause law. A business such as a dairy can evict anyone just for the purpose of using your home for a worker's residence.

PLEASE, lawmakers, stop debating House Bill 2004A and pass this important legislation, which will limit the practice of evicting families and our seniors without the resources to be able to find a suitable home. We need to take this power away from greedy landlords.

I urge anyone who has been affected by this no cause reason to speak up. Write your senator, congressman and governor, anyone you can think of to get your story out to them. Make yourself heard so this law will be abolished in Oregon. And Oregonians who rent can breathe a little easier.

Natalie Gosney

Mount Angel

Longtime educator in district says goodbye — for now

After 17 years I will be leaving Woodburn School District at the end of this school year. I have accepted a position in Walla Walla as the director of bilingual education.

I would like to thank my colleagues, staff, students, parents and community members for the continuous support during this time.

I joined WSD in the year 2000, only a few years after I emigrated from my country Chile. At that point I was a young teacher full of dreams, goals and aspirations. I came to Woodburn with the main desire to advocate for our minority students and families and to open the doors of opportunities and success.

Since day number one, my desire has been to be a role model for all of our Latina/o population.

Throughout all these years I was able to push myself and go to college in my second language, English. I was able to finish my teaching licensure program. Then I acquired a master's degree in school administration and just a couple of days ago, after defending my research, I became a doctor in school administration.

During my 17 years, I was able to contribute to the success of many children in our town. During my eight years at Valor Middle School as a principal, the Oregon Department of Education recognized us two consecutive years with the Close the Achievement Award, and in 2012 I was recognized with the Oregon Middle School Principal of the Year award.

During my four years at Academy of International Studies, with a population of Latina/o students of more than 90 percent, we were able to raise the graduation rates to an average of 90 percent every year. In 2016, the Oregon Department of Education awarded our school as the school with the best academic support for our English language learners.

Seventeen years of hard work and devotion to our students and families.

But this is not about bragging; it is about opening doors for other Latina/o administrators who are preparing to be ready to work with our students.

Thank you, Woodburn School District, for the opportunity to show that Latina/o administrators can succeed and be an example to the Woodburn children. I will be always grateful for all the opportunities and Woodburn will always be in my heart. I hope someday in the future I can come back and keep giving the best to our community.

Thank you.

Victor Vergara

Principal, Academy of International Studies


Resident grateful for church's support of club

I'm writing to shine a light of thanks on an amazing Woodburn church family and business partner: Hoodview Church of God.

Over the years, I've witnessed selfless outreach, missions, clothing ministry and hospitality by staff and membership.

I'm the leader of Woodburn Wellness Minded Weight Watchers group and our meetings have been held in this welcoming space every Tuesday for as long as our most seasoned (93 years young) folks can remember! Recently I was given permission to ask if they would allow us to add a Thursday 9 a.m. meeting time for our membership.

From a business standpoint we are what most would consider "small potatoes," but the pastors and board quickly addressed and granted our members' request!

It's a big deal to offer our diverse membership flexibility with the continuity to attend in this safe, familiar space.

We are grateful to Pastors Steve and BJ, the board, and staff who make partnering at Hoodview more than just business. We are honored to work and serve alongside you.

Ali Swanson


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