The Woodburn Public Library concluded its poetry contest May 7.

This year’s contest judges were Mickel McDaniel, Portland poet, and George Roberts, the French Prairie Middle School teacher and Slamboo sponsor. They were joined by several contestants, families and community members.

The contest was open to all community members and the poems were judged in three categories: children (grades K-5), teens (grades 6-12) and adults (ages 18 and over).

The contest had a total of 35 entries from a diverse cross-section of Woodburn and surrounding communities, with ages ranging from 8 to 94.

After announcing the winners for the three categories, contestants were invited to read their entries. Three of the contestants present read their submitted poems and new poems.

Later, the two judges and librarian Elvira Sanchez Kisser took turns reading many of the entries out loud for all to enjoy.

The winning poetry is available to read on the library’s Facebook page.

The first place adult winner won a copy of “Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair” by Pablo Neruda and a leather-bound handmade journal.

The first place teen winner won a copy of “William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope” by Ian Doescher and a pocket notebook. by: SUBMITTED - Lillian Saunders, right, children's division winner of the Woodburn Public Library poetry contest, poses with Adult and Teen Librarian Elvira Sanchez Kisser.

The first place children’s winner won a copy of “The Light in the Attic” by Shel Silverstein.

The winners are:


1. Lillian Saunders — “What Not To Do at a Job Interview”

2. Drew Synnott — Untitled

3. Fern Freeland — “Spring”


1. Desirée Synnott — “Smiles of Lies”

2. Cesar Maldonano — “The Consequence”

3. Philip LaDuca — “Just Another Day”


1. F. Javier Navarro Sandoval — “Soñar Que Sueño”

2. Joy Root — “Devil’s Churn at High Tide”

3. Doris Hatcher — “A Boy Finds God”

Smiles of Lies

By Desirée Synnott

All my smiles are fake and the pain beneath my soul is always awake.

But I laugh with you anyway…

What would you do if you found out that I am not the person you think I am?

Would you hate me or love me more, so you can help take the pain away?

I will only find out if I tell you, but if I do...what would happen to me and you?

Only time will tell and there’s not much left.

Only if my smiles were not lies and my laughs were not fraud, then I would tell you...then I would tell.

What Not To Do at a Job Interview

By Lillian Saunders

I want new work! I want new work!

My boss right now is such a jerk!

He says my work is horrible,

He says he’ll burn me with some coal.

So that’s why I think that maybe

He had a bad job interview just like me.

I think we both just kicked and screamed,


I think we both just talked out of cue,

so don’t do that at a job interview.

It makes you grumpy and kind of sad.

It even makes your roommate mad.

He’ll yell and shriek and yell some more,

He’ll even hit you with the door.

You’ll get into a big, big fight,

Will he move? I think he might.

Though I had fun with you today,

I think it’s time to go away.

So I hope you enjoyed some things that you

shouldn’t do at a job interview.

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