Woodburn Kiwanis Club celebrates students from French Prairie, Valor, North Marion middle schools and St. Luke Catholic School each month.

French Prairie Middle School

Alexis Gutierrez-Cornelio

SUBMITTED - Alexis Gutierrez-CornelioAlexis Gutierrez-Cornelio, 12, son of Antonio Gutierrez and Maribel Cornelio, and brother to Tony, Angel and Emily, is in the sixth grade.

His favorite classes are math, science and P.E. His favorite activities are playing basketball during recess and doing science experiments in science class.

His future goal is to go to the Oregon Health & Science University and become a surgeon.

Mrs. Valverde and the sixth grade team wrote, "Alexis is a diligent, positive and polite young man. In Spanish class, Alexis demonstrates that he values bilingualism by actively participating and maintaining a positive attitude. He is very cooperative and gets along well with his peers."

Aaron Espinoza

SUBMITTED - Aaron EspinozaAaron Espinoza, 12, son of Maria and Hector Espinoza, and brother to Abram and Hector, is in the seventh grade.

His favorite activities are band and playing the trumpet.

His future goals are to graduate from college and have a career, but is not sure in what yet. He is interested in Western Oregon University and taking some biology classes.

Mrs. Rodriguez wrote, "Aaron is such a pleasant student to have in class. He is friendly and polite, so collaborating with other students in class is easy for him. Individual assignments are done well so he maintains high grades in all of his classes. I look forward to seeing what great things he chooses to do later in life."

Mr. Salinas wrote, "It is a pleasure to have Aaron in class as he always works hard and demonstrates Spartan manners. He serves as a model for others because of his outstanding character. He was actually just awarded April P.E. Student of the Month. We are very happy to have a student like Aaron here at French Prairie."

Yaire Bridgett Solano Guevara

SUBMITTED - Yaire Solano GuevaraYaire Bridgett Solano Guevara, 14, daughter of Yasmit Guevara and Margarito Solano and sister to Yailedme, Diamante and Anika, is in the eighth grade.

Her favorite classes are math and science. Her favorite activities are soccer and basketball.

Her future goals are to go to college and become a doctor.

Mr. Pina wrote, "Yaire excels not only in Spanish language arts, but across the curriculum. She is a highly responsible and dedicated young lady who always brings a smile to the classroom. She constantly participates in class and goes above and beyond with any given task. Yaire consistently follows our guidelines for success by being safe, responsible and respectful. She has a love for learning and will be a highly successful person in life!"

Valor Middle School

Bryan Cortes Cortes

SUBMITTED - Bryan Cortes CortesBryan Cortes Cortes, 12, son of Gloria and Porfrio, and brother to Bill, Michael, Edgar, Kevin, Magalina, Yanet and Yeni, is in the sixth grade.

His favorite class is math because he likes working out the problems and learning the correct steps. He also likes social studies and to learn about other traditions in other countries, and different cultures. He also likes art, but his favorite thing to do when not in school is to be outside playing sports or riding scooters with his brothers. He would love to visit and take his whole family to Oaxaca, Mexico to meet his grandparents for the first time.

His future goal is to go to college, but he's not sure of what his dream job would be.

Ms. Sass wrote, "Bryan is a positive student that always comes to class with a good attitude and is ready to learn. He has a great sense of humor, but also knows how to be respectful and work hard."

Victoria Amador

SUBMITTED - Victoria AmadorVictoria Amador, 13, daughter of Olga and Manuel, and sister to Shelayna, Angelina, Emmanuel, Isabella, Sulamita and Jeremiah, is in the seventh grade.

Her favorite class is Spanish because it is her third language; she already knows English and Russian. She practices Spanish and teaches her younger sisters. She also loves her AVID class because she likes doing the special projects and visiting colleges, like recent visits to Chemeketa and Western Oregon University.

When not in school she supports her church by helping her mom bake for events, but her favorite thing to do is to draw pictures about what she is thinking of. She sometimes goes online to look for interesting examples and try to recreate them.

Her future goals are to go to George Fox University because it is a Christian college and her cousin thought it was a good school. She is still deciding what her career will be but may become an artist or a baker.

Mrs. Kresin wrote, "Victoria has worked hard all year in AVID. She is a consistent student that is always very respectful and kind to others around her. Victoria has really pushed herself and has been opening up and participating wonderfully in class discussions. I hope she continues to push herself and to share her strong voice."

Audrey Gonzalez

SUBMITTED - Audrey GonzalezAudrey Gonzalez, 14, daughter of Andrea and Gabriel and sister to Gabriel, is in the eighth grade.

Her favorite classes are AVID and band. She loves AVID because she has a goal to graduate college and she's made new friends that are always there to help her. This is her third year in band playing the flute and she loves it. Since she was little she has always loved music. When she was in elementary choir she learned about the opportunity to learn an instrument and in middle school she knew she would love that.

Her favorite activities are playing volleyball and basketball for the last two years. She plans to continue both sports in high school. She is involved in Service Learning Club after school. On Wednesdays they go to the retirement home and play games with the residents.

Her favorite things to do outside of school is to be with friends and family. She stays pretty busy, so when her family is all together those are her favorite times.

Her future goal is to attend Stanford because she pushes herself to high expectations and has heard good things about its programs. She would like to travel the world and become an international flight attendant. Since she was little she dreamed of visiting Paris. Her mom has inspired her to look into and research becoming a flight attendant. She would also like to visit the Bahamas.

Her teachers wrote, "Audrey is a wonderful student that works hard to keep up in her classes. Audrey is a very responsible student always willing to help those around her. I appreciate that Audrey always brings her warm smile to class and has a positive attitude about whatever the day brings. Excited for her next adventure into high school, we know she is going to do great!"

St. Luke School

Nadir Cortes

SUBMITTED - Nadir CortesNadir Cortes, daughter of Miguelina and Eliaquin, and sister to Jared and Xuva, is in the seventh grade.

Her favorite classes are art and English language arts.

Her future goals are to go to college and become a doctor.

Her teachers wrote, "Nadir was new to St. Luke School this year, but over the course of the last eight months she has found a home. Her ready smile and willingness to take risks have helped her adjust to academic demands and the social difficulty of starting at a new school in seventh grade. She has given extra effort to building relationships with her teachers by staying after school to get help, frequently checking on her grades and creating a new homework routine for herself. She has succeeded beyond measure, and her presence at school is one of responsibility, extraordinary effort and focus. Beyond the classroom, she joined sports teams this year, acquiring new skills and making new friends. She is a spirited and hard-working part of our community".

Arianna Cortes

SUBMITTED - Arianna CortesArianna Cortes, daughter of Salvador and Noelia Cortes, sister to Alyssa, is in the eighth grade.

Her favorite classes are art, English language arts and math.

Her favorite activity is going on field trips.

Her future goals are to go to college and get really good grades.

Her teachers wrote, "Arianna has a mere five weeks before she graduates and looks toward the adventure of her high school life. We are so pleased to recognize her today for the gift she has been to our St. Luke community. Arianna serves the school as a quiet leader — conscientious and thoughtful, supportive of classmates and respectful of teachers. Academically she has met goals of improving as a writer and as a math student, and she worked with her teachers to ensure her growth. We are excited to see where Arianna's future takes her, despite her nervousness about high school, because we know her to be a wonderful person with a bright future ahead of her."

North Marion Middle School

Ally Coulombe

SUBMITTED - Ally ColoumbeAlly Coulombe, 12, daughter of Andy and Serenity Coulombe, and sister to Avery, Eva and Luci, is in the sixth grade.

Her favorite classes and activities are P.E., humanities, math, guitar, basketball, soccer, track, softball, swimming, Zion Youth Group, drawing, being outside, playing with friends, going to the park and reading.

Her future goals are to travel the world and help others. She is interested in being a part of a philanthropic organization that helps those in need. She would like to be a teacher, an ocean biologist or any job that helps young adults.

Her teachers wrote, "Ally is that student who is always helping and putting in her very best effort. She is kind to everyone, always willing to take on any task you ask of her. She has an incredible work ethic, not only completing assignments on time and with precision, but redoing any test that she feels she could have done better on. She asks questions and is thoughtful about her own learning. She is well liked by her peers, and viewed as a good friend to all."

Sam Mollgaard

SUBMITTED - Sam MollgaardSam Mollgaard, 13, son of Michel and Andrea Mollgaard, and brother to Tim, is in the seventh grade.

His favorite classes are P.E. and math.

His favorite activity is track.

His future goal is to go to college and learn art or engineering.

His teachers wrote, "Sam does an amazing job in school. He is one of the nicest and friendliest students we have at North Marion Middle School. Sam is a hard worker and comes to class each day with a positive attitude. We are so lucky to have Sam Mollgaard as a student at NMMS!"

Avery Coulombe

SUBMITTED - Avery ColoumbeAvery Coulombe, 14, son of Andy and Serenity Coulombe, and brother to Ally, Eva and Luci, is in the eighth grade.

His favorite classes are humanities, P.E. and math.

His favorite activities include being a Web Leader (a program to help sixth-graders feel welcome in school), and he participates in youth soccer and baseball. He's also on the middle school basketball team.

His future dream job is to play major league baseball, but if that doesn't work out, he would also like to go to Oregon State University and play baseball while majoring in engineering. He would like to focus his engineering degree in the direction of architectural engineering.

His teachers wrote, "Avery is the student that you hear great things about coming into the school year, and even those compliments don't do him justice. Avery is a dedicated student in his academics, always diligent in doing his absolute best with every single assignment, no matter how small or large. He is thoughtful, thorough and analytical in all assignments, and always provides insight that is considerate of other people in the room but also doesn't gloss over important truths. He thinks deeply and critically about the world, but he is also able to help students reach the point where they too can think deeply and critically. Avery is often partnered with a student who needs help understanding certain content, and he is always incredibly patient and kind, helping to explain the content and vocabulary without sounding demeaning, but incredibly genuine and sincere. He is an overall awesome student who leaves an imprint on the teachers and students who have the privilege of having him in class or being in the same class with him."

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