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Two St. Luke School students have been named Kiwanis Terrific Kids for December

Riley Mulrooney

COURTESY PHOTO - Riley MulrooneyRiley Mulrooney, 12, daughter of Carmen and Tim Mulrooney and sister of Jack, is in the sixth grade.

Her favorite classes are art, social studies and writing because you can be creative while learning. Riley also plays softball.

Riley would like to be a veterinarian or an artist and will be exploring art schools to attend. One thing is for sure: She will have many cats!

Her teachers wrote: "Riley is a student who loves to learn and always wants to know more. She challenges her classmates to think more in-depth during discussions and she works hard to achieve her academic goals. Riley is a trendsetter who uses subtle leadership skills to encourage others around her to try their best as well. Riley has a great way of making the vision she has for a project come to fruition and when she sets her mind to something she makes it happen. For a sixth-grade student, Riley has a strong sense of self and uses her unique gifts and talents for good. She is very artistic and creative, applying her imagination to writing assignments and offering different perspectives during discussion. Riley is responsible, a strong participant and a good friend to her classmates."

Taylee Livingston

COURTESY PHOTO - Taylee LivingstonTaylee Livingston, 12, daughter of Jennifer and Trevor Livingston, sister to Trevor, and sister-in-law to Alyssa, is in the seventh grade.

Her favorite classes are art, science and English language arts because the teachers make them fun.

Taylee would like to work alongside either one of her parents, with her dad at Curt's Body Shop or with her mom working with computers.

Her teachers wrote: "Taylee is an incredibly conscientious and kind student. She stays on top of all of her assignments and exercises excellent organizational skills. She is a great role model, making good choices all day, every day. She fully participates in school activities, such as music practice. As a member of the leadership team, Taylee is reliable and serves with a spirit of willingness. Taylee is also a member of our school band, playing the flute.

"Taylee is a quite leader at St. Luke, where she models excellent responsibility, Christ-like behavior and strong academic skills. Taylee is always positive and eager to learn, and she never shies away from a challenging task. Out in the community, Taylee is a hard worker and is motivated in her work for her family. Taylee has that way of persevering through difficult tasks and will keep trying until she gets the results she is happy with. One of Taylee's hidden talents is with her lettering and calligraphy work."

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