by: PHIL HAWKINS - Josiah Peterson was one of many athletes to attend Woodburn's annual tennis camp that ran from June 24-30 at Woodburn High School.Woodburn’s annual summer tennis camp came to a close Monday, marking the start of summer tennis season at Woodburn High School.

The camp, which featured mostly middle school athletes, was taught by Woodburn boys tennis coach Tom Lonergan, who kept the week-long camp fairly light-hearted.

“It’s just mostly fun stuff and little games,” Lonergan said. “I put them in a couple different teams and give them some serving games to play.”

While all the games are skill-related in some fashion to help build the campers’ growing tennis abilities, Lonergan’s primary goal is to get the kids to come away with a burgeoning interest in the sport. Or in the case of many return athletes, a renewed passion for tennis over the summer.

“Almost everybody in this camp I’ve had before, so they keep coming back, and that’s part of what I like about it,” Lonergan said.

Summer League

As the tennis camp comes to a close, Lonergan turns his attention to his high school athletes, which began summer play last week against Cascade High School as part of a four-team summer league that runs throughout the month.

“It’s not quite as organized, but we’ll have Dallas and Silverton, and we’ll play each other twice through the month,” Lonergan said.

The summer months act as a kind of reverse practice for members of the Woodburn tennis team. The high school teams compete in the spring from March through May, then move on to summer play for practice leading into the next season.

Woodburn Tennis Open

At the tail end of summer league, Lonergan is set to once again host the long-running Woodburn Tennis Open, now in its 37th season.

The Open mostly attracts high school athletes and some coaches, and acts as a fun tournament to cap the season before fall athletic practice begins in August.

While the tennis veterans play each other, Lonergan also has an amateur division set up for tennis beginners who want to play.

“We put people in different levels so you can go out there and enjoy playing, and you won’t go out there and play against someone who will wax you,” Lonergan said. “The whole point is that you want to have fun. Tennis is no fun if you’re going out there and you’re getting killed.”

The tournament is scheduled for July 25-27, and registration is available by calling Lonergan at 503-989-3353 or Woodburn Recreation Services Manager Kristin Wierenga at 503-982-5266.


The 37th Annual Woodburn Tennis Open

Where: Woodburn High School

When: July 25-27

Cost: $15 for singles, $20 for doubles

Sign up: Tom Lonergan — 503-989-3353, or Kristin Wierenga — 503-982-5266

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