by: TRIBUNE PHOTO CHASE ALLGOOD - Rick Martin with his rare and beautiful 1967 Maserati Mistral, just one of many classic cars at this year's Columbia River Concours d'Elegance.The summer car show season is in full swing, with numerous cruise-ins and other events scheduled every weekend and even some weekday evenings.

While most are open to anyone with an interesting car or truck at parks, high schools, churches, auto dealerships and parts stores, a few specialize in certain types of vehicles.

Classic cars will be on display at the Columbia River Concours d'Elegance, scheduled for Sunday, Aug. 3, on the lawns at Officers Row at the Fort Vancouver National Trust in Vancouver. This year's event commemorates the 100-year anniversaries of Maserati and Dodge, and is expected to include more than 100 vehicles in 40 classes. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 on the day of the show.

Another specialty show is the annual All British Field Meet, which is held in conjunction with the Columbia River Classic vintage car races at Portland International Raceway on the weekend of Aug. 30-31. More than 800 old and new British cars will be on display in the south parking area on Saturday. This year's event salutes Triumph, although plenty of other British marques will be represented. The All British Swap Meet will be held there on Sunday.

Races organized by the Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts will take place on the PIR track on both days. They will feature around 150 beautifully restored classic race cars. Admission at PIR is good for all events.

One of the last large shows of the season is the Concours de Maryhill, held on Saturday, Oct. 4, at the Maryhill Museum of Art in Goldendale, Washington. It is held in conjunction with the nearby Maryhill Loops Hill Climb. Organized by the Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts, it is one of the last events in the country where classic race cars challenge a twisty public road with with long drop-offs just a few feet away. The hill climb continues on Sunday.

But there are many, many other shows schedule in the region between now and then. All feature rare cars that have been carefully restored, heavily modified, or just plain enjoyed by their owners. Most are free to the public and include raffles, food, refreshments, and souvenir sales that benefit local charities.

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