The West Linn City Council faces a packed agenda tonight at city hall, combining two meetings into one after last week's cancellation in light of the tragic car crash that killed two teens.

Items shifted over from last week include a decision regarding Water Resource Area (WRA) amendments, a discussion on annexations and the approval of community grants.

The regularly scheduled items for this week include contract awards for two projects: the asphalt road improvement program and the concrete street project.

The new Committee on Citizen Involvement will also hold its first formal meeting tonight.

WRA amendments:

After a public hearing May 19, the council decided to push back its final vote on this project to June 9.

The three-year project to significantly overhaul the city’s water resource area code was unveiled to the public last August, and further discussed at subsequent city council work sessions last fall.

The project amounts to what is essentially a complete rewrite of West Linn Community Development Code Chapter 32, according to city staff. The overarching goal is to eliminate inconsistencies that hinder property development while assuring that the city’s 26 lineal miles of water resource areas remain protected.

Water resource areas are defined as wetlands, streams and vegetated “riparian” areas that provide wildlife habitats while also helping maintain water quality, providing storm and flood mitigation and playing host to a number of recreational activities.

In the end, should the council approve the proposed amendments, the city hopes the changes will significantly improve the land use process.

West Linn Mayor John Kovash has recused himself from any discussion about WRA amendments due to a conflict of interest.

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With a series of annexation applications on the horizon — the city's first since 2006 — the city council will discuss tonight whether it wishes to simplify the process.

If completed, the project would erase redundancies within the West Linn Municipal Code, the Community Development Code, State Law and Metro Code. As a result, annexation applications could be processed during one meeting to save staff time.

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Community Grants

The council will decide tonight whether or not to approve the Citizens' Budget Committee's community grant recommendations, which were made May 19.

The grant requests, which were filed in March, were marked for fiscal year 2015, which encompasses any event held between July 1 and June 30, 2015. This year, the budget committee was tasked with reviewing a total of 18 grant requests — some new and some continuing from years past.

The city allocated $20,000 in its biennial budget for community grant requests.

In total, the budget committee voted to fund all but one of the 18 grant requests, totaling out to $19,189.

The remaining $811 will be kept in a reserve account to be doled out through the rest of the year.

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Committee on Citizen Involvement

Where in past years, the responsibilities of this committee fell to the planning commission, now the CCI will be reorganized to include the city council, planning commission chair and historic review board chair.

As Assistanbt City Manager Kirsten Wyatt wrote in a memo, "this change in CCI composition was requested so the city council could review, encourage, suggest and implement a robust citizen involvement program that is in adherence with Goat 1, consistent with their Citizen Engagement 2014 council goal and specifically focused on land use matters."

The council will vote on this new CCI resolution Monday.

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