West Linn Public Library launched its 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program in February of this year and already our participants have read almost 22,000 books! 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten is the library’s reading program for families and caregivers with children who have not yet entered kindergarten.

Reading aloud to newborns, infants and toddlers not only helps them build vocabulary and language skills, but it also creates a bonding time for you and your child.

We encourage parents and caregivers to read aloud to the children in their care every day and this program offers prizes and incentives to encourage families to reach that goal!

To get started, stop by the Youth Services desk at the West Linn Public Library and sign up.

You will be given a reading log to mark off each time you read a book together.

And don’t worry, multiple readings of the same book will still count as a book each time!

If you are uncomfortable or unsure how to go about creating a read aloud time with your child, here’s some helpful tips to get you started:

Make a commitment to read aloud at least once a day. It’s important to establish a routine.

Select a time to read aloud. It can be anytime—morning, after school, bedtime — but try to n make it the same time every day.

Choose a favorite place to read aloud. It can be a bedroom, a living room, or any place you can read together comfortably.

Read slowly, with expression. Try using different voices for different characters.

Follow the words with your finger as you read. Your child will see that words are read from the left to the right of the page.

Point to the pictures and say the names of objects and colors.

Have your child help turn the pages.

n Ask your child to describe pictures, repeat phrases used in the story, and predict what will happen next.

Take time to answer her questions.

Read a variety of books. Continue reading old favorites, but don’t be afraid to try new stories.

Remember to have fun! The more fun kids have reading aloud, the more they will love books and want to read them.

Some great books to read together are:

“Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing” by Judy Barrett

“Press Here” by Herve Tullet

“How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight” by Jane Yolen

“Froggy Gets Dressed” by Jonathan London

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