City Manager Eileen Stein, who arrived in 2016, will see her employment extended for at least two more years after her original deal expires in May 2018

In a special meeting Thursday, the West Linn City Council voted unanimously on a motion to notify City Manager Eileen Stein of its intent to extend her employment an additional two years once her contract expires in mid-2018. Stein

The exact terms of the contract extension have yet to be finalized, and the vote was merely intended to honor a provision in Stein's current contract stipulating that she had to be notified by Dec. 1, 2017 if the council intended to keep her as its city manager or move on to someone else.

Stein's current contract — her first with the City — began June 1, 2016 and runs through May 31, 2018.

"The council met on Nov. 20 in executive session for a quarterly check-in on the city manager's contract and performance," Mayor Russ Axelrod said. "During that discussion, it was discovered that we had this Dec. 1 deadline in her contract that the council needed to take an action on, should (the council) be determining to extend the contract and the terms of the contract.

"The Dec. 1 date wasn't particularly clear to anyone … regardless, we recognized that the council needed to communicate to the city manager (that) the intent was to continue out the contract, and the general consensus was 'yes.'"

Since there was not a regular meeting scheduled between that Nov. 20 executive session and the Dec. 1 deadline, the council was forced to call a special meeting Nov. 30 to make its intents clear. Prior to the vote, Axelrod noted that the council will likely revise the terms of the contract as part of the two-year extension.

"We discussed deleting the (Dec. 1) notification provision and reopening matters of salary and relocation (reimbursement) … and the city manager also requested we reopen the matter of termination compensation, so we'll look at that as well," Axelrod said. "The council and city manager will make a good faith effort to come to an agreement on these provisions in time for the council to approve any changes to the employment agreement at a regular business meeting Feb. 13, 2018."

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