'I was surprised to read attorney Gruber's skewed reminiscence of a Clackamas Women Lawyers event'

Attorney gathering misrepresented by citizen writer

I am compelled to respond to a recent citizen's view published by this newspaper entitled, "With Trump haters reason and common sense take backseat to selfishness." I am the current president of Clackamas Women Lawyers, and I helped brainstorm and plan the referenced event. I also attended alongside attorney Diane Gruber, who wrote the article claiming that the women in attendance were "Trump Haters." I was surprised to read attorney Gruber's skewed reminiscence of the event. If there is a newsworthy element buried in her inaccurate rant, it is that an organization would attempt to facilitate such a discussion among its diverse members. This was an intimate gathering and open discussion on the intense feelings experienced by many women in the aftermath of the election — whatever those might be for any specific individual. Attendees, while all female attorneys, represented a wide range of ages, experiences, and practice areas. The purpose of this event was to explore our emotions and funnel our concerns into action. We did that. This was an event where everyone could share, and attorney Gruber's input about her own experience was as welcome as any. The only effort in quieting attorney Gruber was when she was telling other participants that their feelings were wrong. Was it a perfect event? Of course not. But it was a heartfelt effort to provide a platform for discussion and in keeping with the stated mission of our organization: to help transform the legal profession to ensure justice and equality by advancing women and minorities. The result of the event was increased understanding and a desire to continue talking. Clackamas Women Lawyers continues to welcome participation from all members, including people of all gender identities and political perspectives.

Bonnie Cafferky Carter, West Linn

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