There’s been plenty of tinkering, and this time members of the Wilsonville City Council are pretty sure they’ve got it right.

Councilors voted unanimously Sept. 5 to approve on a second reading of an ordinance that amends city code to allow vehicles weighing 8,000 pounds or more to remain parked on public streets for up to 48 hours.

The amendment replaces an earlier 24-hour parking allowance that generated complaints from motorists who said they needed more time to load and unload recreational vehicles and trailers.

“We’ve had a fair amount of discussion about this, and we’ve had a fair amount of swings at it,” said Councilor Richard Goddard.

Wilsonville City Attorney Mike Kohlhoff told councilors last month a local resident was actually issued a citation by police for violating the ordinance, which was originally approved by the council in January. The citation alleged the resident parked his RV on a city street for two consecutive nights. In response, the RV owner claimed to have been loading the vehicle on the first night and unloading it on the second following a short road trip.

“The police, in enforcing these things, use a lot of judgment,” Kohlhoff said at the council’s Aug. 5 meeting. “And we’re trying to give them a pretty straight-line way to do this.”

The city banned large vehicles from parking on public streets entirely in the past due to complaints about RV owners and others sleeping in those vehicles for long periods of times. There was at least one case involving illegal drug sales out of the back of such a vehicle.

Over time, however, a growing number of residents asked the city to reconsider its stance.

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