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Wilsonville boards seek six volunteers


Deadline to submit applications is Dec. 5

The city of Wilsonville has six openings on various boards and commissions beginning in January 2014. Volunteers who serve on the city’s committees make a valuable contribution toward improving the community and local government’s ability to serve residents, businesses and visitors.

The deadline to submit an application for consideration of appointment is Dec. 5 at 4:30 p.m.

The budget committee, which consists of the five city council members and five residents at large, has one opening. Members of the budget committee are appointed by the council and serve three-year terms.

The committee meets as necessary during the year and at a minimum must meet each spring to review the budget proposed by the city manager. Meetings are open to the public, who are invited to offer comments and suggestions.

At a typical spring-time meeting, city staff members present financial overviews, highlight changes in programs and revenues and expenses and provide information on the city’s long-term fiscal outlook.

The development review board, which has three openings for two-year terms, consists of two five-member panels, each of which is empowered to review and take quasi-judicial action on land use applications.

Land use applications are assigned to one of the two DRB panels, which then conduct hearings and render decisions on all aspects of that application, including potential conditions of approval.

Members of one panel may substitute for members of the other panel, if necessary, to ensure a quorum at all meetings. Board members must be city residents; no more than two members of a panel can be involved in the same occupation and no more than one member of either panel can be involved in real estate sales or development.

The planning commission, which has two openings, is an appointed seven-member panel that is responsible for making recommendations to the city council on all legislative land use and planning matters. This could include plans for the regulation of future growth and development in Wilsonville, plans for the promotion of the industrial, commercial and economic needs of the community and the study of measures that promote the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the city.

Composed of people with diverse interests in the community, the commission fulfills the role as the city’s official committee for citizen involvement (CCI). The CCI frequently conducts work sessions and other informal public meetings that are deliberately intended to encourage an exchange of ideas and opinions without the formality of public hearings.

Nonresidents may be appointed to the planning commission if they are a registered architect, landscape architect, professional engineer or member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. However, no more than two members of the commission can be in the same kind of business.

For more information on volunteer service on city boards, contact Sandra King, city recorder, at city hall, 29799 SW Town Center Loop East, Wilsonville; 503-570-1506; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Applications are also available online at the city’s website, ci.wilsonville.or.us, and search for “application.”