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Wilsonville’s South Metro Area Regional Transit (SMART) agency has partnered with TriMet and Drive Less Save More to promote the annual “Be Seen. Be Safe” safety campaign.

On Nov. 4, during the morning commute, SMART staff were out at SMART Central Station in Wilsonville handing out safety flashers and reflective stickers and information to commuters traveling by bike, bus, train or foot. The campaign is intended to spread the word about how important it is for pedestrians and drivers to keep an eye out and be visible. SMART bus operators also handed out information and lights to their passengers on SMART buses.

SMART wants to remind the public that it’s getting darker earlier and now is time to use lights and reflective gear.

SMART is working to get the word out by handing out lights/reflective stickers.

Drivers also need to be especially alert this time of year and make sure they see everyone on streets and roads.

Nationally, the majority of pedestrian deaths occur during night time. In 2012, 38 percent (23) of the 60 pedestrians killed in motor vehicle crashes in Oregon were described as “not visible,” meaning they wore dark clothing, were in the dark or were in an area without lighting, according to TriMet. Other factors, including drunk driving, speed and lack of driver alertness also likely contributed to the crashes.

Doing just a few extra little things can really boost your visibility. They might include:

n Wearing outerwear with reflective materials and items that reflect light.

n Boosting your shine factor with reflective accessories such as armbands, pant leg bands, belts, hats, sashes and umbrellas. These sorts of items are especially useful for commuters.

n Transforming what you already own into reflective gear. Reflective tape and stickers work for bikes, shoes, purses and backpacks.

n Wearing reflective vests; most are inexpensive.

n Light your way; lights come in all shapes and sizes for bikes, wheelchairs, jackets, purses, backpacks and saddlebags.

n Cyclists, by law, must have a light in front and red reflector in the back during limited visibility conditions like sunrise, sunset and night. Add a red blinking light to the back of the bike and a very bright light on the front.

n Use a light mounted on your helmet, back rack or placed on a backpack or travel bag.

n Employ a pant leg clip. Simply make that a reflective strap and it will pick up light from headlights and streetlights.

Tell SMART your best way to be seen. Enter TriMet’s Bright Ideas contest and you could win a transit pass, an REI gift card and more. Go to trimet.org/beseen to enter. The contest runs through Nov. 22.

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