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Vandal targets cars at senior apartments


by: SPOKESMAN PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - Creekside Woods Apartments is a 55 and over complex in the heart of Wilsonville. Police are seeking the identity of the person or persons responsible for dozens of incidents involving vandalized vehicles parked at this complex. A rash of vandalism to vehicles at a local senior apartment complex has police on the lookout for clues that will lead them to the perpetrators.

A vandal — or group of vandals — has been targeting vehicles at the Creekside Woods Apartments over the past four to six months. During that time police have received at least a half-dozen formal complaints about vandalized vehicles. However, officers familiar with the case say they are certain there are far more incidents that have gone unreported.

“There’s no pattern to it,” said one Wilsonville officer, who asked to remain unidentified. “It’s random, there are not any certain victims, any car in there is fair game. And they scratch with a key from one end of the car all the way to the other end, all the way down to bare metal. Some of the cars have been scratched as many as four times.”

The most recent complaint came in April 7, Sgt. Dan Kraus said.

Investigating officers say they suspect a single individual may be responsible for the lengthy spree, but they are not yet certain of that. The person or persons involved also has shied away from the neighboring Boeckman Creek Condominium complex, located just a few yards north of Creekside Woods. No reports of car vandalism have been received from residents there in recent months, police say.

“We don’t know when it’s occurring during the day,” the officer said. “A lot of the citizens haven’t reported this to the police, so we’d encourage people that anytime anyone encounters damage to report it to our non-emergency dispatch line.”

There’s no apparent motive that police can come up with, the officer continued, and the one surveillance camera on the property has not yet revealed anything or anyone suspicious.

“Normally the neighbor is mad because somebody is in their spot or something like that,” the deputy said. “But this is completely random.

What makes it worse, Kraus said, is the residents of Creekside Woods are all living on fixed incomes and are over the age of 55.

Anyone with any information on this case is encouraged to contact Wilsonville Police at 503-682-1012 or the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency dispatch line at 503-655-8211. The sheriff’s office also provides a 24-hour tip line across the county at 503-723-4949 and you can even text a tip to police at “CRIMES,” or 274637 on your phone keypad. Just use the keyword “CCSO” as the first word in your message.