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Soul'd Out prepares for next challenge


WHS a cappella group returns from competition in NY in time for the Rose City Sing Off this weekend

Their trip to New York City did not end with the win they had hoped it would. Still, the members of Soul’d Out, Wilsonville High School’s a cappella group, have reasons to feel good about their performance at the International Championship of High School a Cappella finals held there April 25.

“We sang our best, did our best, looked sharp, sang sharp,” the group’s director, Sue Schreiner, said. “The kids were classy as heck. They were a bunch to be really proud of.”

More important, Soul’d Out members don’t have time to waste feeling bad. They have another competition to get ready for — the Portland Rose Festival’s Rose City Sing Off is this Saturday.

Soul’d Out’s members trickled back to Wilsonville from Manhattan on Sunday and Monday, disappointed with the judges’ decision but pleased with their performance and definitely glad to be home.

“New York is a fun place, but boy, it’s for small amounts of time,” Schreiner said.

Although the group did not place in the competition, members can take satisfaction knowing they are ranked one of the top 10 high school a cappella groups in the nation.

“Everybody wants a win,” Schreiner said. “It’s a lot of fun to say that.”

She saw no flaws in the group’s performance.

“We sang really well, had good clean choreo and sang a great set,” she said. “We planned our work, worked our plan and did exactly what we said we were going to do. I couldn’t be more proud of them. They were amazing.”

In spite of spending hours each day in rehearsal, the WHS students found plenty of opportunities to explore the big city. In addition to the usual tourist stops, Soul’d Out had the opportunity to visit the FBI museum, attend tapings of late-night television shows and take in some live theater.

“The kids saw all sorts of theater,” Schreiner said. “Musicals. It was a real learning experience.”

Although disappointed with the results Friday night, the experience overall was a win for Soul’d Out members.

“I like what we did. We sang three great songs and sang them well. The kids were in great shape, and they looked awesome,” Schreiner said. “We had everything as perfect as it could be for a live performance. I don’t think there was anything we could have changed.”

Once they shake off their jetlag, Soul’d Out members will return to rehearsal mode. The group’s next performance will be at the Rose City Sing Off this Saturday at Imago Dei Community, 1302 SE Ankeny in Portland.

“We have plenty of songs to sing through and do really well,” Schreiner said. “The things we did in New York are so absolutely perfect. We’re in really good shape.”

By Kate Hoots
Education reporter
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