The Wilsonville Public Library hosts an Artist of the Month each month, and for July the work of hand-woven textile fiber artist Marlene Lloyd will be on display through the end of the month.

Lloyd is from Wilsonville and has been weaving since she was in college.

“I find my color inspiration in nature, in particular the rich reds, deep purples and lovely shades of orange from my walks in urban neighborhoods, mountains and the desert,” she says. “Weaving is an extremely creative and challenging outlet that is deeply satisfying and rewarding.”

She learned her craft in college and has been developing and exploring her “artistic side” ever since.

“Growing up sewing, crocheting and knitting, I discovered that weaving encompasses my love of fiber, texture and color,” she says. “For the past 25 years, in between raising a family and working full-time, I have been weaving textiles for our home using cotton fibers as my medium.”

Her weaving process begins by envisioning an image and then using colorful threads to bring out the “soul” character of the piece.

“I wind color wrappings to obtain the color range that appeals to my senses and gives energy to the project,” she says. “The vibration of color in my work is achieved by changing the placement of thread colors next to each other.”

Lloyd’s textiles have been displayed and sold in galleries in the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest, and she has won numerous national awards.

Details:, 503-682-2744.

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