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New car dealer could be coming to north Wilsonville


Former Hollywood Video building could house Chrysler, other car dealers

Photo Credit: SPOKESMAN PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - The former Hollywood Video building in north Wilsonville could be home to several new auto dealers in the future, according to a recent article in the Portland Business Journal. A large, multi-brand car dealership that could include Chrysler is poised to open in Wilsonville, according to a recent article in the Portland Business Journal.

Henderson, Nevada-based Findlay Family Properties reportedly purchased a 177,288-square-foot site at 25600 SW Parkway Center Drive in north Wilsonville for $11.6 million.

The site apparently will undergo major renovation before an opening date in October.

According to the article, one of the brands that will move into the site will be the Chrysler dealership that sold its former Town and Country Jeep Dodge premises at 27490 S.W. 95th Ave. to World of Speed, which plans to create a car museum on the site.

Also of note, the proposed auto dealership would fill one of six sites in Wilsonville designated by the city as tax increment financing, or TIF Zone. In a TIF Zone, a business can qualify for property tax rebates by investing in the subject property and creating high-paying manufacturing jobs.

So far, the city has seen three of the six sites filled by businesses since the TIF Zones were enacted last year by the city council. None of them, however, are the high-end manufacturing businesses sought by city officials and business leaders alike. Instead, the former Joe’s distribution center on Boeckman Road has been filled by Southern Wine and Spirits, a beverage distributor, while the former Hollywood Video corporate headquarters on Southwest Peyton Lane is now home to Convergys (formerly Stream Global), an international firm that provides support services to a host of other large companies.

The other properties covered under the city’s TIF Zone ordinance include a large building owned by Xerox at 26440 SW Parkway Avenue; the former Nike distribution center at 27255 SW 95th Avenue; and a former distribution center at 29899 SW Boones Ferry Road.

Wilsonville City Councilor Scott Starr is an enthusiastic supporter of the TIF Zone ordinance. He said that even though manufacturing businesses have yet to take advantage of the opportunity, the fact the buildings included in the scheme are filling up is nevertheless a big win for the city. If nothing else, he said, the availability of such tax incentives helps market the city and announces a business-friendly approach.

“That is very, very important to me,” Starr said. “Because if businesses want to be here and pay taxes, it keeps my taxes lower. It has (TIF Zones) attracted a lot of businesses, absolutely. Do we want manufacturing? Sure. But did creating what we created help market the city better and bring businesses here? Absolutely.”