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Please practice a little patience

People please, chill out at the movie theater! Three friends and I (all over the age of 60) went to the Wilsonville movie theater yesterday to enjoy an afternoon movie and good company. Friend G arrived just as the movie was starting. She sat down, reached into her purse and took out her phone to turn the sound off. Unfortunately, it had already been off so she inadvertently turned it back on. You guessed it, about an hour into the movie her phone rang. One ring. She was able to retrieve it from her purse and turn it off in one ring! Yet the man sitting down from us proceeded to yell at her about it, making more commotion than the phone did.

As soon as the movie ended another man from several rows down approached and began yelling at us about it. She wasn’t talking, she wasn’t texting, she just made a mistake. Can’t we please be just a tiny bit more tolerant of a mistake? The only thing you might have missed in that movie was Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep using the F-word three more times each in the space of that five-second phone interruption. The movie was mostly attended by people that were raised in a gentler generation, but it sure didn’t seem so when being yelled at by grown men. Kindness and forgiveness go a long, long way.

Linda Smith


Abortion letter logic convoluted

I am fascinated by the convoluted logic of one of the statements in Marylin Shannon’s letter (“Sign petition to help end taxpayer funding of abortions” Jan. 29) regarding her petition.

“Whatever your position on abortion, certainly you can agree: Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for elective abortions.”

If you parse that quote, it, by itself, shows how blind she is to the idea that anyone could ever disagree with her.

First, she assumes that elective abortion is such a unique medical procedure that it must be considered alone and differently from all other medical decisions. Second, she assumes that taxpayers should be allowed to pick which line items of the budget they agree to fund.

Whatever your position on petitions, certainly you can agree: Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for selective opinions.

L.D. Modell


Church support Wilsonville Community Sharing

In recent articles, the Wilsonville Spokesman has taken Wilsonville Community Sharing and its board to task. The clergy and churches of Wilsonville wish it known that we stand united in enthusiastic support of Wilsonville Community Sharing and its mission to serve those in our community who are in need. A number of the churches in the Wilsonville area give regular financial support to WCS to help serve people in need.

As pastors, we are aware daily of the poor among us who may seem invisible to the general community. When there is no family or friends or agency to help, people come to our churches for help. Their needs are basic: food for themselves and their children, shelter, vital medicines, warm clothing and shoes, help with utility payments for heat, water, electricity and transportation.

These needs are more than any church or pastor alone could address. For many years Wilsonville has been blessed to have one of the most functional and comprehensive helping organizations in Oregon: Wilsonville Community Sharing. In partnership with Wilsonville Community Sharing the churches, businesses, city government and citizens have a ready focal point for effective and comprehensive help.

As pastors, we are thankful for Wilsonville Community Sharing, for its mission to serve and for its determined endurance. We urge all of our fellow citizens to join us in enthusiastically supporting Wilsonville Community Sharing.

Lois Wagner

Pastor, Wilsonville United Methodist Church

Travis Tadema

Pastor, New Life Church

Douglas Marshall

Pastor, Valley Christian Church

Douglas Adams

Pastor, Community of Hope Lutheran Church

The Rev. Anthony Petrotta

Pastor, St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church

Mike Tatlock

Milo Curtis

Jake Schwein

Pastors, Grace Community Church

The Rev. Gabrielle Chavez

Pastor, Meridian United Church of Christ

Taft Mitchell

Chaplain, Catalyst Ministries

Don’t support the Oregon Only CRC proposal

I write to you as a concerned Oregonian with extensive knowledge of Vancouver and Clark County gained as an active member of the board of directors of the Fort Vancouver National Trust (FVNT).

As chair of the long-range planning committee, I helped FVNT respond to the Columbia River Crossing proposal, which included using eminent domain to take land away from both the National Park Service and city of Vancouver property.

The risks Oregonians face to pay for the Oregon Only plan invalidate the rationale advanced by project proponents. Will we collect toll revenues from Washingtonians determined to not support a bridge with light rail? Clark County voters twice defeated attempts by C-TRAN, the local transit agency, to fund light rail costs.

Are Oregonians prepared to provide construction and operational funding for light rail in Washington? Mitigation for the land taking from FVNT and the National Park Services is required by Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. A “community connector” covering portion of Interstate 5 is part of the mitigation agreed upon within the current proposal. Are we prepared to build it?

It should be very clear that there is well-organized and politically strong opposition to the current CRC proposal. The Oregon Only plan makes a mockery of Washington’s sovereignty to determine its own transportation priorities. Oregonians would be just as opposed if the situation were reversed.

The risk versus reward ratio of the current CRC proposal is completely out of balance, imperiling the state of Oregon’s bonding capacity, general fund and transportation priorities for decades into the future. As a representative of the citizens of the state of Oregon, I ask that you refuse to support the Oregon Only CRC proposal.

Bing Sheldon, FAIA

Northwest Portland

Contract Publishing

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