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ODOT plans will mean traffic jams

Oregon Department of Transportation is close to finalizing plans to build a bypass for the city of Dundee that will connect Highway 99 south of Dundee to Interstate 5 through the middle of Wilsonville.

If you read State Rep. John Davis’s letter to ODOT, which was published in last week’s Spokesman (Feb. 5), you got a flavor for what ODOT’s plan is and the likely impact on our residents using Wilsonville road between Brown road and I-5.

If you currently drive this stretch you are aware how bad the traffic can be under today’s conditions. We all know our city is growing rapidly and how critical this east-west corridor will be to handle our increased traffic in the future.

Highway 99 between Tigard and the coast handles thousands of cars daily. If even a small fraction of that traffic is diverted through Wilsonville, the resulting congestion would create traffic problems that none of us would like to experience.

There are alternative solutions that ODOT can implement to keep this increased traffic out of our city but they won’t make changes unless we have enough organized opposition to get their attention.

We need to make our city, county and state officials aware of our views on the proposed plans and ask them to ask ODOT to consider the negative impact it will have for our city.

Mike Shangle


Junior Scoops pride

Thank you for your great article on the Wood Middle School Junior Scoops club. 

Most folks are familiar with Key Club — the Kiwanis Club program for high school students. (Our Kiwanis Club sponsors a very active Key Club at Wilsonville High School.) 

Though lesser known, Kiwanis Builders Clubs for middle school students provide the same positive messages and skills in volunteerism and leadership as the Key Club Program. We are very pleased to sponsor Junior Scoops as our local Builders Club. 

These wonderful students, guided by Jordan Scoggins their energetic adviser, are excellent examples of the future good citizens and community leaders we can all be proud of.

Gary Wappes

Wilsonville Kiwanis president

Iwo Jima remembrance set

Please join the Canby-Aurora VFW 6057 Post and Auxiliary’s 19th annual Iwo Jima flag-raising ceremony on Saturday, Feb. 22, at 10 a.m. at the Canby Adult Center followed by a breakfast.

Our World War II veterans who fought and were support for the battle on Iwo Jima are quickly passing away and we do not want them to be forgotten, so we remember each February the tremendous sacrifices they gave to this country.

Please invite a veteran to this emotional event and help our community to be forever grateful to this remarkable generation of veterans.

John Lance

Commander VFW 6057

Lisa White

Aux president VFW 6057

Time for new leadership at WCS

Elections will be held at the annual meeting of Wilsonville Community Sharing on Feb. 25. New leadership and guidance is needed.

It has been a year of controversy and the board leadership has spent its time delaying progress in finding a new home for WCS. A central community location, a permanent food pantry with sufficient food storage and office space is greatly needed.

The current leadership is focused on building a new facility that will require raising about $500,000. However, an adequate and less costly and more centrally located facility already exists and is available.

WCS needs to begin the new year with new leadership!

Marilyn Watson

Community volunteer


Put country back on right path

Every time I go with someone to get gas for their car, I am shocked at how much gas costs. You never leave without spending $50 to $75, and many times it is more.

Now someone from Congress wants to double the tax on gasoline as they are running out of our money to spend.

It's about time those in Congress get a taste of what the real world is like and they take a 25 percent cut in pay, have their staff of assistants cut in half, eliminate all first-class airplane trips, hotels, resorts, vacations unless they want to spend their own money for those things.

We send those people to Washington, D.C., to run our country while we, the taxpayers, earn the money to pay the bills. We did not send them to Congress to become millionaires, to pass bills favorable to the lobbyists, to the drug companies or to the conglomerates. They were elected to protect, persevere and run the country for the citizens — the citizens — of this country.

They are not Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc. They are Americans taking their turn at running this country in an honest, honorable way. Loading citizens with unbearable taxes is not the way to do it.

I do not understand how a citizen of American can get up and face the already strapped citizens and tell them their tax on gasoline will be doubled. Those are the most inhumane words I have ever heard. May he be forgiven for even asking that of his constituents as well as those of the other 49 states' constituents.

It is time America to stand up and put our country back on the right path. Hopefully, it is not too late.

Mary Lord


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