Readers chime in on the National Popular Vote movement, Medicare, President Trump and local land use

Traffic first, homes later

I don't understand how the City of Wilsonville can, or even wants, to approve an additional 1,000 homes (within the future Frog Pond development) when our roads are so over capacity!! What ever happened to the days when the roads had to have available trips to allow development. The City Council is ruining our beautiful city.

Tim Skreen


Protect Medicare Advantage for Oregon seniors

A resident of Wilsonville, I am one of 348,000 Oregonians that benefit from having a Medicare Advantage health care plan. As someone who relies on Medicare Advantage, I want to ensure that Oregon seniors will continue to be able to receive quality treatment and health care thanks to the program.

Every year, Medicare Advantage faces potential budget cuts, something that would directly affect seniors right here in Oregon. Rather than improve health care access and treatment options for seniors, these proposed cuts would reduce the amount of available resources, restrict preventative care access, and lower the overall quality of life.

Without Medicare Advantage, many seniors would have substantially less access to preventative, quality health care and affordable treatment. Medicare Advantage offers many more resources than Medicare alone — from increased care options to gym memberships and fitness classes.

For all of the Oregon legislators who have voiced their support for Medicare Advantage including Representative Blumenauer, Representative Schrader, and Representative Walden — thank you. I sincerely hope that Senator Wyden follows suit and protects Medicare Advantage for Oregon's seniors like me.

Keith Amundson


The ultimate responsibility? Who?

The President of the United States is proving capable of obliterating decades of human progress. Through appointment of billionaire demagogues determined to protect their personal wealth regardless of the consequences, and an apparently spineless Congress, we could lose valuable, cherished freedoms.

Freedoms of speech, assembly, religion, the press and human rights are under attack.

Other universal promised expectations are targeted for huge budget cuts. Air, water, education, senior citizen protection, health care, women's rights, fair taxation, and national parks are just a few of the endangered factors of our nation. International upheaval and the threat of nuclear war are almost afterthoughts in this constant deliberate fabricated chaos.

So, whose role is it to stop the dismantling of our country? Some options:

1. The courts must block illegal and unconstitutional acts.

2. The states must stand up for their rights and demand a voice.

3. Congress must manage the budget and pass/retain laws that protect the people that elected them.

4. Voters must document specific votes and share their determination with Congress.

5. The military must refuse to do anything stupid simply because a vain, egotistical, untruthful, immature President cannot exercise any self-discipline and will not take responsibility for his own actions. Immediately change the nuclear codes and don't give him the new ones.

I've always thought of myself as a pragmatist, not an alarmist. Now, after only 60 days of this presidency, I am alarmed. Former President Obama suggested we give Trump a chance. We have. Now, we must do everything possible to protect our country from him and his disciples.

Ron Adams

West Linn

National Popular vote won't change Electoral College

On Feb. 23, our state senator, Kim Thatcher, argued in The Times against Oregon signing on to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC). NPVIC states allocate Electoral College votes to the presidential candidate with the plurality of votes across the country. NPVIC does not change how the Electoral College works. It changes the way states signing it allocate their votes, a state right under the Constitution. Senator Thatcher seems to prefer the congressional district method that "give[s] the states better representation within their own geographical diversity." This method moves the level of control from the state (winner take all) to the district. It does not protect "minority opinions or different ways of life" within districts, especially gerrymandered districts or districts with voter suppression laws in place. Furthermore, analyses of how the congressional district method might work assume all states adopt this method, therefore eliminating state choice. The only way to ensure every person's voice is heard is to base presidential election results on the national popular vote. NPVIC only goes into effect when states with 270 electoral votes sign on. If you want Oregon to sign onto NPVIC, contact Senator Thatcher and your state representative today.

Angela Roccograndi


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