Strong work ethic and committment to openness among qualities candidates offers to West Linn-Wilsonville School Board

A dedication to children and strong sense of volunteerism are, without question, prerequisites for serving on our School Board. My honorable opponent and I both have these qualities. There are, however, other skills that serve a School Board member well that I believe I possess.

Teaching experience

Being a public school teacher, and making a difference in students' lives, makes me prouder than anything I have ever done professionally. More than practicing law or owning my own business, teaching will forever be my greatest professional accomplishment.

While I am no longer a teacher, that experience of working directly with children, and being on the front lines of education, has given me a valuable perspective, and one that no other candidate running for School Board offers. I encourage you to visit my campaign's Facebook page, and review the endorsements and posts by my former students and fellow teachers. They help demonstrate the high expectations to which I hold myself and my commitment to helping all students succeed.

Commitment to openness

The single-greatest factor that makes our school district great is the commitment of our parents and communities to get involved. This commitment is something special, and we need a School Board that appreciates this gift by bringing communities into important decisions much earlier, keeping families informed, and making citizens feel heard. Whether it is the middle school boundary process; construction of new schools; or changing the start times of schools; too many parents feel they are being left out of the process. As a School Board member, I would invite the valuable voices of our communities to speak up and be heard.

Work ethic

Serving on School Board is a demanding endeavor. It requires a person who has the discipline and time to stay up on the issues. For those who are just getting to know me, I sincerely hope my campaign has helped provide a glimmer of my work ethic and commitment to taking this role seriously. For the past two months, if I have not been coaching little league, I have probably been knocking on doors in the rain, pouring over school budgets and meeting minutes, or having coffee with a community or school leader. I have approached this campaign the same way I coach little league, manage my law practice, and the same way I taught 156 students Social Studies: with a 100 percent commitment to giving it my best.

Budget experience

Overseeing and managing a large and complex budget in a board capacity is something I have experience doing. For the past four years, I have served on the Board of Voqal — a nonprofit whose actions include providing educational materials to disadvantaged youth. My duties on that Board include reviewing, commenting, and managing a large and complex budget. I have also served on a CBAC — or Citizens' Budget Advisory Committee — which is an organization at the county level that oversees spending of taxpayer dollars and looks for ways to save money and maximize the spending of each dollar. If elected, I would be able to competently review the school district's almost $100 million budget, and add a meaningful voice to discussions of how best to prioritize dollars and find places to save money.

For these reasons, I respectfully ask for your vote for Dylan Hydes for WLWV School Board.

Dylan Hydes is a resident of West Linn

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