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$90 million bond would continue college's average tax rate

After an independent survey commissioned by Clackamas Community College in January showed that 60 percent of residents surveyed support a $90 million bond measure, the school’s board of education is now taking further tentative steps toward placing a bond measure on the ballot in November.

The board directed President Joanne Truesdell on March 14 to begin developing a recommendation and to complete due diligence on the proposed bond measure.

The proposed bond would continue the college’s current annual average tax rate.”In 2016, CCC will mark its 50th year of service. We are working now to position the college for the next 50 years,” said Judith Ervin, chairwoman of the CCC Board of Education. “Our vision is to increase affordable education options and job training for high-demand careers by modernizing our facilities.”

CCC surveyed and interviewed more than 2,000 area residents in 2013 for the Imagine Clackamas community engagement process. Among the lessons learned was that people in the college district would like to see modernized facilities and equipment to meet the needs of the changing economy and workforce.

Based on that feedback, CCC undertook two studies of its facilities: a strategic assessment to determine educational and training needs of college programs and an appraisal of work needed to maintain current facilities for the public. College faculty and staff studied that information to identify gaps in current facilities, learning spaces and equipment. The college will spend the next few months utilizing all the research, community and staff input, and facility assessments to define the projects that will best meet the identified needs. The president is expected to return to the board with a recommendation about the bond in July.

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