Boones Ferry Primary School

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

“I like running. If it’s an emergency, I could be able to run really fast. I’d just try to help the person or thing. I’d like to be called Dash.”

— Hope Glyzewski, first gradeHope Glyzewski

“I would like to help out in accidents. I’d need a medical kit. I could use ice powers with my mouth. I could freeze things.”

— Harrison Halstead, second gradeHarrison Halstead

“I’d be able to unleash my superpower of nail gun. I’d be able to build houses in record time. I’ve always wanted this power. And I’d be able to get anything from Home Depot.”

— Carson Puppo, third gradeCarson Puppo

“I could be able to fly and have super vision, so I could see anyone who needs help. I could fly up to the top of the earth and see anyone who needs help. Or, I’d have an invisible super cape. And I could finally get into the Easter stash.”

— Brighton Ring, fourth gradeBrighton Ring

“I’d be able to play basketball better than Michael J. I’d have speed, I’d be able to jump really high.”

— Hayden Nicols, fifth gradeHayden Nicols

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