PoundsAs summer was ending, you could find people making last minute plans to squeeze out the most from the last bit of the season. Students were stocking up on supplies and leaving their summer jobs behind to prepare for another year of rigorous academics.

Others, though, are electing to continue working at their current jobs as well preparing to handle a full high school schedule.

During the months off from school everyone is busy, and businesses need to accommodate the increased number of customers. This creates a prime opportunity for young adults to earn money, especially students looking ahead toward college.

Most of these summer jobs are simply part time, paying minimum wage, and they leave room for other activities. Many workplaces provide a fairly flexible schedule for employees, and that works well with family trips, college visits and other obligations people may have during the summer.

Some may think differently, but being a student is also a job in its own way. All students are required to take four years of English and the same is also strongly recommended for math, though only three years are required. Two years of the same foreign language are also necessary to graduate, along with wellness and healthful living classes.

In theory, students could participate and enroll in very few classes and still graduate. But students at Wilsonville High strive for excellence. More often than not, they will take on a challenging course load, even if only to create a more impressive transcript on their college applications in the future. These classes often entail a large amount of work done outside of class. If a student also has a part time job, those hours spent working mean less time available for homework or sleep.

Sports and extracurricular activities play a large part in any high school. Ours is no exception. Along with several soccer teams, cross country, football, volleyball and cheer are all sports starting this fall that many students are involved in. Members of National Honor Society and Key Club are also busy helping around the community and at the other school events within our district. Student council members will start planning for all the school dances and events throughout the year. The drama kids are rehearsing and putting together “The Sound of Music” to present later this fall. Once school begins, there will also be new and old clubs to join.

All these activities and more are just starting up at the high school. And it’s a lot. Some students don’t realize that this hustle and bustle of high school life never truly slows until the next summer.

While students’ resumes may benefit, their transcripts may suffer if they have even a part time job during the school year. Any student can succeed if they focus on their academics in high school. Others can excel in athletics too. But having a part time job is just a little too much.

It isn’t healthy for anyone to take on more than they can handle, and that includes high school students. Like you, we can do one task well or many tasks poorly.

Katiamaria Pounds is a senior at Wilsonville High School. She will be contributing a regular column to the Spokesman this school year.

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