Sixteen seniors make up this year's Springfest Court, which will take place Friday, April 28 in the Wilsonville High gym

SPOKESMAN PHOTOS: ANDREW KILSTROM - The Springfest Court says it's enjoyed getting to know one another over the past several months.Wilsonville High School's Springfest needs little explaining, as it's arguably the school's oldest tradition. The court of princes and princesses represents the school's senior class every year, with a foray of dances new and old.


WHAT: Springfest is a Wilsonville High tradition celebrating the high school's senior class. The Springfest Court will perform two dances followed by performances from WHS students and the crowning of the Springfest King and Queen.

WHEN: Friday, April 28 starting at 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Wilsonville High gym; event is open to the public PERFORMERS: WHS groups: Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Symphonic Choir, Mens Choir, Soul'd Out and our Pride Dance Team

Talent groups: (all had to audition) Musical Theatre Performance: Ashlyn Rose & Kalloni Smith Dance Solo: Taylor Door Vocal Duet: Hayden & Madi Wilde Vocal Band: Jared Lawrence & The Big Band Extrvaganza Musical Theatre Performance: Joy Young Vocal Duet: Averyl Hartje & Cami Saunders Drum Solo: Sully Grill

This year's Springfest celebration is no different than years' past, including musical and theatrical performances from a large number of Wilsonville High students. Without further ado, here is an introduction to this year's Springfest Court.

Prince Harrison Steiger

Prince Harrison's favorite part of Springfest Court rehearsals was spending time with his friends. His favorite memory is when multiple princes and princesses fell down during rehearsals, and he believes Springfest is one of Wilsonville's most important traditions.Steiger

"I think Wilsonville High has a lot of tradition in a lot of aspects and Springfest is without a doubt one of them," he says. "It brings the school together and makes prom a little more fun."

Camden Crystal

Camden Crystal says his favorite memory about Springfest was when Prince Shunt struggled to do the circle, and that he greatly enjoyed the camaraderie that came from rehearsals, as well as the different perspectives different members of the court brought every day.Crystal

"Springfest is an important high school tradition, because it's able with a small group to represent a whole class of students," he says.

Prince Eric Moya

Prince Eric says the many laughs are what he'll always remember about Springfest rehearsals, and that working with his partner, Princess Deirdre, was his absolute favorite part about the entire process. He says not only did she help improve his dancing, but she made rehearsals fun and enjoyable as well. Moya

"Springfest is something to bring the community of Wilsonville together," he says about the longtime tradition.

Prince Keaton Whittaker

Prince Keaton Whittaker says the group of people that make up this year's court are what made rehearsals special. He says it's a diverse assortment of kids and a good representation of the entire school. He says, in particular, late night rehearsals were fun because of the chaos and hysterics the dances often dissolved into.Whittaker

"Springfest is a fun and memorable way to cap off our four years of high school," he says. "I think it's a great celebration of our entire class's accomplishments."

Prince Shunt Blaze De Lira

Prince Shunt Blaze De Lira's favorite parts of Springfest Court rehearsals were the many jokes, and the many added twists the court threw in to their dance routines. He says he will never forget the time Princess Acacia slipped and "completely ate it," and that he's enjoyed the opportunity to close out his senior year on a fun note.Blaze De Lira

"It's a tradition that helps recognize people for their efforts in our community and it shows that Wilsonville High Schools is a fun school," he says

Prince Michael Albellar

Prince Michael Albellar says his favorite part about Springfest Court rehearsals was getting to know a new group of people while making new friends, and that he also will never forget the many spills that made up dance rehearsals.Albellar

"Springfest is an outlet for people to become that little kid and live out their childhood dreams of being a princess and prince," he says.

Prince Ian Locke

Prince Ian Locke says the memory he will never forget from rehearsals was the constant "reminders" from advisor BJ Cerny to keep his feet together during the traditional dance, and that his favorite part of Springfest Court rehearsals was the many laughs and new friendships he made along the way.Locke

"Springfest shows the talents that aren't normally shown during school," he says. "These talents are just as important as the talents in school."

Prince Zach Reichle

Prince Zach Reichle says he will always remember advisor BJ Cerny confiscating his phone for using it too much, even if it was a well-deserved punishment, and that he will always appreciate the opportunity that allowed him to make new friends. Reichle

"It brings the community together and provides a chance to meet new people," he


Princess Deirdre Fitzgerald

Princess Deirdre Fitzgerald says her favorite part about Springfest Court rehearsals was getting to know the rest of the court and becoming close friends with her partner, Prince Eric. FitzgeraldShe says her favorite memory was when she first found out she was named to the court alongside Princess Hayden, who is one of her closest friends.

"Springfest is a great tradition because it really brings the school together," she says. "All of us on court are involved in different activities and it's really cool to get to know people you might not otherwise."

Princess Hayden Wilde

Princess Hayden Wilde says she's enjoyed making new friends she might have never met if it weren't for Springfest, and that her favorite memory was spending an entire day shopping for dress fabric, allowing her to get to know the other princesses.Wilde

"Springfest not only provides a unique experience for court members, but also allows many other students' talent to be highlighted during the show," she says. "Recognizing the hard work and gifts of students emphasizes Wilsonville High's excellence."

Princess Samantha Gieber

Princess Samantha Giber says she enjoyed how silly the entire court is, even during early morning rehearsals. She says she will always remember the part of the traditional dance when the court comes close together and a member whispers something funny.Gieber

"It's a rite of passage," she says. "When I first learned of Springfest at 11 years old, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of, and making you wait until you're a senior makes it that much more memorable."

Princess Jessica Berry

Princess Jessica Berry says rehearsals were always super fun because it's such a great group of people, and that watching Princess Acacia slip on her skirt is a memory she will never forget.Berry

"Springfest brings the community together, and allows the seniors to have a final goodbye to the community through their talents they have developed over the years," she says.

Princess Aspen Wilson

Princess Aspen Wilson says the best part about Springfest is the many memories she's made and the constant laughs that rehearsals produced. She says she will never forget early morning rehearsals, specifically Acacia's iconic fall, and the stories she'll always have.Wilson

"Springfest is an important Wilsonville High School tradition because it's an event that's been going on for many years and brings the community together," she says. "It showcases talents and events of the students of our school."

Princess Acacia Like

Princess Acacia Like says her favorite part about Springfest Court rehearsals was the constant fun and nonstop laughs. Like

She says she'll never forget the infamous fall, which she calls one of her most embarrassing moments, but admits it was indeed hilarious.

"Springfest is an event that brings the whole town to celebrate together and share fun talents and memories from the year and past four years at high school."

Princess Haley Schulte

Princess Haley Schulte says her favorite Springfest memory was finding out she had made the court.

She says learning two different styles of dance were a highlight as well as the many memories she's made.Schulte

"I think being able to pick a group of seniors that all work hard and have fun to create a show for the whole community to enjoy is what makes Springfest an important Wilsonville tradition," she says.

Princess Darian Breshears

Princess Darian Breshears says the best part about Springfest Court rehearsals was the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time. Her favorite memory was spending 10 hours shopping for dress fabric with her fellow princesses.Breshears

"Springfest is an important tradition because we are able to hold the talent show and represent the senior class as Prom Court," she says. "It is something that everyone remembers and enjoys making memories and continuing tradition."

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