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Students at the Arts and Technology High School went on a field trip to Camp Tilikum on Sept. 12.

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL - Juniors Trinity Dixon (left) and Fiona Davis (right) are ready with the rope, releasing it just enough to help the person walking on the high wire remain comfortable and stable.Students at the Arts and Technology High School in Wilsonville, walked across high wires and logs during a field trip to Camp Tilikum on Sept. 12.

As part of the Synergo Challenge Course, the goal was to provide students with outdoor activities to help team building skills, and create an environment where everyone has to work together.

Students supported and helped one another as they took turns belaying peers on different courses. The day included both low and high elements where every student was able to partake in experiential learning.

SPOKESMAN PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL - Sophomore Justine Jung waits for the go-ahead from Synergo employees to climb the above-ground element.SPOKESMAN PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL - Junior Arya Farzin (left) and Lara Valachovic (right), a Synergo employee and Arts and Technology graduate, makes sure peers are ready to belay Farzin when he starts this challenge course.SPOKESMAN PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL - Senior Paloma Pahle gets harnessed in and ready to take her turn walking across the high wire.SPOKESMAN PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL - Senior Trinity Siefer sits atop a log she climbed with help from her peers down below.SPOKESMAN PHOTO: CLARA HOWELL - Junior Arya Farzin starts the climb to walk across the high wire, holding onto hanging buoys and other items above the wire for support.

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