Online giant targets industrial park in Troutdale occupied by FedEx

COURTESY PHOTO - Amazon's, the global e-commerce giant, is currently engaged in high-level talks to open a new facility in Troutdale, multiple sources confirmed with The Outlook this week.

The sources, who have intimate knowledge of the discussions, asked not to be named because of the meetings' sensitive nature.

The online retailer is eyeing a berth at the Troutdale Reynolds Industrial Park (TRIP), which recently opened new land to developers. The site is best known as the location of a FedEx distribution center, providing convenient proximity for a massive shipper of goods like Amazon.

Amazon's dealmaking involves the city of Troutdale, Metro regional government and the Port of Portland, which owns the TRIP land, insiders said.

While Troutdale officials stayed mum on the topic, a response to a public records request also indicated that the city is involved in talks with an interested party.

"In this instance, the information held by the city was submitted on the condition it be kept confidential," interim City Attorney Ed Trompke wrote in an email denying the records request.

"The city has been talking to more than one entity about developing in the TRIP," Trompke explained in a phone interview. "I can't confirm or deny that any one particular company is involved, or has been involved, in negotiations ... All I can say is the city is very receptive to having any business that's interested come and talk."

He said that, in general, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements help prevent insider trading.

A call and an email form message to Amazon were not returned to The Outlook by press time on Thursday, which was moved up because of winter storm conditions.

OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - Hundreds of acres of the Troutdale Reynolds Industrial Park currently sit vacant. The site was formerly occupied by a WWII aluminum plant

Melanie Mesaros, a spokeswoman for the Port of Portland's marine properties division, said confidentiality agreements protect business secrets and lead to beneficial outcomes all around.

"As a standard protocol, we do not comment on any transactions until they go to our Port Commission," she said. "I want to be helpful, but I can't comment at this time."

Amazon dominated newsfeeds earlier this week after announcing the launch of its first brick-and-mortar grocery store, Amazon Go, in Seattle. The company plans to open as many as 2,000 such stores in the coming years, according to various media reports.

OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - A spokeswoman for the Port of Portland, which owns the land, declined to comment on any dealings with It's unclear what connection, if any, exists between Amazon's grocery business and the planned expansion into Troutdale.

The Troutdale Reynolds Industrial Park is located at N.W. Sundial Road, just north of the Troutdale Airport. With more than 184 acres of vacant land spread over nine lots, the area is valued for its close proximity to Interstate 84, Portland International Airport and the main Union Pacific rail line.