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'There is no real separation between what's happening inside the house and what's happening outside the house.'

COURTESY: PAHLISCH HOMES - Inside can be out at the Street of Dreams.

The idea behind the Serenity home, at this year's NW Natural Street of Dreams, is to offer a feeling of tranquility.

Describing the inspiration behind his home, Josh Pahlisch, an owner of Pahlisch Homes, said, "I have to hand it to my wife. My wife is a very peaceful, Zen, tranquil woman. She brings a lot of peace and harmony to my life. We feel like we all live a very busy, crazy, hectic life and we want a home that people feel they can come to."

Pahlisch continued, "There's a lot of tranquility, harmony...just a sense of peace when you're at home. That's really what we try to achieve here."

The Serenity is a single-level home at the Street of Dreams.

"We want to really bring the outside in and have nature be part of the whole experience," Pahlisch said.

The Serenity home features many amenities, including an outdoor water feature in the front of the home, which will prove to be inviting during these hot days of summer.

Jason Myhre, senior director of marketing and customer experience at Pahlisch homes, added, "It's just trying to incorporate the outside landscaping into the home."

Myhre noted that the Serenity home features many windows that bring in the natural light. He said you'll feel engaged in what is happening outside.

"What you really do notice is that there is no real separation between what's happening inside the house and what's happening outside the house," Myhre said. "You just feel that sense of the outside environment being part of the living space in the home. It's really nice. I think that's probably the key amenity you'll find here."

Myhre said homeowner needs and desires change over the years.

"We're building a lot more single-level living homes," Myhre said. "That is a trend that we're seeing more and more of. We do build a smaller foot print and people are fine with that — especially in an active lifestyle. It's nice for people to just not have a huge, huge home to be able to manage and maintain."

Reflecting on his career, Pahlisch admits it took him time to latch on to the idea of home construction.

"Honestly, I was probably a little bit of a lost soul growing up through high school, and trying to figure out and understand my direction in life," Pahlisch said.

Pahlisch eventually attended Boise State but realized school was "not my thing."

Pahlisch said, "Again, one and done, I jumped into the construction industry and started framing houses. I did that for about two-and-a-half years. Then I got a job with a family business at Pahlisch Homes. I've been here ever since."

While Pahlisch Homes is home based in Bend, Pahlisch and Myhre travel throughout our region and notice that the Hillsboro area is growing.

"The South Hillsboro Master Plan has been in the making for the last, probably, 10 years," Pahlisch said. "Now it's coming to full fruition."

Pahlisch noted, "You're going to probably see a giant growth curve here, over the next 10 years. I think you could easily see 15,000 to 20,000 people over the next decade being introduced to the Hillsboro market."

Choosing home construction as a career, Pahlisch soon realized it can be an around-the-clock responsibility.

"It's a 24/7 job," Pahlisch pointed out. "Weekends, nights, whatever it takes, we are fully committed to our family business. It's an amazing industry. It's very lucrative at times. But it's also very, very treacherous from a standpoint of the economy. It's very cyclical, goes up and down with the market. It's something I have a passion for. We love the artistry of home building."

It takes a lot of sweat to get a Street of Dreams up and going, but at the end of the day, Myhre gets a lot of satisfaction.

"The satisfaction is the completeness of the home, and we get a lot of satisfaction just hearing people walk through there," Myhre said. "I think even bigger than that is just knowing that we've impacted somebody's life, in a way, and made either their dream come true or their life a little bit better, based on where they're living."

Pahlisch added, "It's roll up the sleeves and get right back at it, as soon as the show is done."

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