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Has the COVID fog clouded your memory of the year in business? Take our fun quiz to recall the year in Portland business.

PMG: JOSEPH GALLIVAN - Antifa's clubhouse, the downtown 7-Eleven, finally closed down this fall.

2020 was the year of unprecedented use of exponential charts, and exponential use of the word "unprecedented."

Portland's business world was knocked on its tush by closures, restrictions and moving target regulations due the coronavirus pandemic. One week you could dine in, the next week only dine in a tent, then not at all, then tents are allowed again. Stores with no e-commerce system struggled as Americans shopped from their couches, and supply chains creaked as China took two months off for New Year. For some, stimulus checks and $600 weekly payments soothed the summer's anxiety, while others went into debt waiting for their unemployment. Wood was everywhere as the construction business got a pass on the coronavirus restrictions, which allowed them to keep on working. The Dow Jones Index and Bitcoin boomed in the fall, as did cosmetic surgery, food delivery and plywooding windows. No one seems to understand why some flourished and some collapsed. Take our fun end of year Biz Quiz to see if you remember anything from 2020.

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COURTESY: VOODOO DOUGHNUT - Yummy carbs keep Portland going in hard times.

1. Which of the following donut shops closed for good?

a. Blue Star

b. Heavenly

c. Voodoo


PMG FILE PHOTO - Coffee. Not as popular as it used to be.

2. Which of the following coffee shops closed for good?

a. Ristretto

b. Rain or Shine Coffee

c. Sparrows Coffeehouse

d. All of the above

3. Which of the following bars closed for good?

a. The Liquor Store

b. Muu-Muu's

c. CC Slaughters

d. All of the above

4. Nike's share price began the year at $102.20, hit a COVID bottom of $62.80 in March, and closed December 16 at

a. $138.34

b. $102.20

c. $62.80

d. $202.00

COURTESY: INTEL CORP - Inside Intel, some things are blue.

5. At Intel's Ronler Acres campus in Hillsboro, "Big Blue" refers to what?

a. The 2,600-ton capacity construction crane building D1X.

b. IBM's latest chess playing browser extension

c. Intel's latest generation of Optane Solid State Drives

d. The Intel's cafeteria's best selling grab-and-go cheeseburger

TRIBUNE PHOTO - Governor Kate Brown declares emergency.

6. Which of the following was a state of emergency that covered Portland declared by Governor Brown?

a. September 25 (Proud Boys rally at Delta Park)

b. March 8 COVID-19 outbreak

c. September 8 (Powerline Fire in Washington County)

d. All of the above

7. According to Harvard University economist Raj Chetty, what percentage of Portland's small hospitality and leisure businesses have already closed since the COVID-19 pandemic began?

a. 3%

b. 9%

c. 39%

d. 93%

8. The coming bike-ped bridge across I-84 at Seventh Avenue near Lloyd Center is named

a. The Chloe Eudaly Crossing

b. The Bud, after Congressman Earl Blumenauer

c. The Sam Adams Bridge to Nowhere

d. The Congressman Earl Blumenauer Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge, after Congressman Earl Blumenauer

COURTESY: SKYLAB ARCHITECTURE - A new Skylab designed part of the Nike campus.

9. What size Paycheck Protection Program loan did Skylab Architecture receive from the First Republic Bank, secured by the Federal government?

a. $6 million

b. $622,100

c. $666,000

d. $60,000

PMG: JOSEPH GALLIVAN - Powell's Books Burnside in March as the city closed down. The bookstore bounced back with a PPP loan/grant from the government/American taxpayer.

10. What size Paycheck Protection Program loan did Powell's Books receive from the Bank of America, secured by the Federal government?

a. $411,399

b. $4,113,995

c. $4,113

d. $41,139

11. What size Paycheck Protection Program loan did Salt & Straw ice cream receive from Zions Bank, secured by the Federal government?

a. $457,000

b. $4,576,000

c. $4,576

d. $45,760

12. Bitcoin started 2020 at $6,615.80. On December 16 it hit a new high of what price?

a. $23,770.85

b. $20,200.85

c. $19,999.85

d. $42,020.85

PMG: JOSEPH GALLIVAN - Street dining was allowed by PBOT's STreet Seats prgram across the city and kept many restaurants alive. But just how many?

13. How many permits has the Portland Bureau of Transportation issued during the pandemic for businesses to erect outdoor seating on sidewalks and in parking spaces?

a. 70

b. 7,000

c. 700

d. 455

14. U.S. Bank announced what plans for the Portland metro area?

a. One complimentary U.S.Coin cryptotoken with every new checking account

b. Free kombucha in all branches (1 cup limit)

c. On-hold music based on your Spotify data

d. Permanently close 26 branches

15. Oregon's unemployment rate in November 2020 was

a. 14%

b. 10%

c. 8%

d. 6%

16. Which is the biggest by square footage (not tallest) cross-laminated timber building

a. The University of Arkansas' Adohi Hall

b. Carbon12 on N. Williams Ave, Portland

c. Dalston Works in Hackney, London

d. Mjøstårnet in Brumunddal, Norway

COURTESY: PORTLAND WATER BUREAU - Washington Park Reservoir in the future.

17. Portland's Washington Park Reservoir will have what cosmetic feature when it opens to the public in 2023?

a. A Sept. 11 memorial

b. Reflecting pools

c. Kayak and stand up paddle board rental

d. An ice rink

PMG FILE PHOTO - Ask not for whom ODOT tolls, it tolls for thee.

18. Variable rate tolls on I-5 through central Portland and on I-205 on or around the Abernethy Bridge in Clackamas County will be based on what?

a. Facial recognition

b. License plate recognition

c. An algorithm assessing the make and year of car, the registered owner's driving and voting records

d.Random selection

PMG FILE PHOTO - Would you pay to use this bridge? How much? And how would you like to see the toll collected?

19. Which group proved to be the most influential in the county deciding to go with a long span replacement for the Burnside Bridge?

a. Burnside Skatepark users mailing list

b. The Firefighters Union

c. Sisters of the Road

d. Portland Parks Foundation

20. Which of the following restaurants closed for good?

a. PokPok (street Thai)

b. Reel M Inn (chicken)

c. Tasty n Alder

d. Bistro Montage

e. The Bomber Milwaukie

f. Giorgio's

g. Aviary

h. No Bones Beach Club

i. Mi Mero Mole

j. Irving Street Kitchen

k. Nel Centro

l. All of the above

m. None of the above

PMG: JOSEPH GALLIVAN - Yes, no, maybe, I don't care....Many Portland downtown businesses boarded up in fear of having their windows smashed.


1) A 2) d 3) d 4) a 5) a 6) d 7) c 8) d 9) b 10) b 11) b 12) a 13) b 14) d 15) d 16) a 17) b 18) b 19) a 20) L

How did you score?

15-21 Good job! Neither brain fog nor cabin fever can get the better of you

8-14 Good job! You don't get all your news from your cousin's IG story

0-7 Good job! 90 percent of success is showing up.

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