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It's never too late to increase your longevity by making healthy changes to your lifestyle. Your Golden Years should be the enjoyment of the fruits of your labor.

So, how can a retirement community help you to live longer, better and happier?

According to survey information released in 2013 from Holleran Consulting LLC, 89% of the senior surveyed rated their senior living community as good or excellent. Of the 57,000 senior-respondents from 265 communities in 36 states, 84% would recommend their community to others.

Living in a retirement community can help alleviate the numerous burdens seniors face daily. Shopping, cooking, house and yard maintenance, loneliness, physical care, and decreased physical and cognitive abilities can cause stress with seniors. Retirement living refocuses the idea of "enjoying your Golden Years" by eliminating many of these stressful responsibilities, giving you more time to play.

Imagine enjoying the gardens, without having to take care of the yard, eating a delicious meal, without cooking it, swimming in a heated mineral saline pool, without the upkeep, or feeling the benefits of friendships by simply walking out of your door into the community with others.

At Beaverton Lodge Retirement Community we have 30 years' experience providing seniors with a relaxed and happy community setting. Local family-owned and operated, we understand the value of longevity. Many on our staff are long-term employees, several still working here from 10 to 23 years.

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