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Aging isn't for sissies!

Aging is hard work-our physicality isn't what it used to be, neither is our eyesight, hearing, or cognition. But, our Golden Years can be wonderful, especially if you have the right attitude.

According to the Mayo Clinic, positive thinking helps with stress management and can improve your overall health. A positive outlook increases happiness and well-being. Keeping optimistic doesn't mean ignoring unpleasant situations around you, but your approach to those situations can affect your mood and health.

Check yourself: do you tend to be pessimistic, see the glass as half-empty, or think the worst of people and situations? Are you too self-critical? If you aren't normally optimistic and want to be, change will happen, it takes time to keep the negative talk at bay and replace it with positivity.

  • Surround yourself with positive people. Watching how others approach life with an upbeat and productive attitude will help.
  • Be open to humor. Laugh, smile, and feel the joy that comes with giggling. It's been said that "laughing is the best medicine," and it's true!
  • Turn "I can't" into "I can try." Because aging is presenting new limitations on life, it's easy to give a big sigh and be resigned to our restrictions. Instead, think of ways around your limitations-where there is a will, there is a way.
  • Your positive attitude can have an effect on your well-being. New friendships, less stress, improved health, and you'll have more fun. Give it a try! At Prestige Care Beaverton Hills, we want you HAPPY! Together, let's laugh and smile while making your Golden Years shine with positivity.

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