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What do dragon boats, Victoria BC, and paddling have in common? Limoncello, of course! During a dragon boat festival, three friends talked about distilled spirits, business and friendship. In 2016, the group decided to share their limoncello-making talents with the public by creating Drop Shop Distillery LLC.

Today, Drop Shop Distillery creates traditional, Italian-style, 70-proof 'cellos.' By contrast, American 'cellos' are generally 50 proof. There are many ways to enjoy the less-heat-more-sweet 'cellos.'

"We like to drink them straight, as well as mix them up in some of our favorite cocktails. The Limoncello makes a great lemondrop, or simply mix it with some pink lemonade. For our Orangecello, we like to pair it up with chocolate. In the winter we mix it in with hot cocoa, and in the summer we mix it up with a chocolate martini, making a chocolate-Orangecello martini," said Bryan Toedtli, owner of Drop Shop Distillery. "The Limecello is sort of our 'wild child' because it's great with just about everything. Finally, we have our Pumpkin Spice Liqueur."

The fledgling business, just two years old, has found a niche at the Beaverton Farmers Market.

"We absolutely love setting up shop with the other local liquid vendors because our products mix well with a lot of what the Portland craft distillery scene has to offer.We have quite a few regulars that are happy to see us so they can stock up, and the reception from our customers is great," said Toedtli.

Come taste a sample at the fall market 9 a.m. Saturdays through November 17.

Beaverton Farmers Market

Southwest Hall Boulevard, between Third and Fifth Streets, Beaverton


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