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Huggle Sweets creations are a hybrid of Japanese and American pastries. Ayumi Blystone, originally from Japan, trained in NYC and experimented with infusing Japanese flavor into her American pastries. Today, Blystone sells her sweet treats at Beaverton Farmers Market where her signature pastry are roll cakes. She also added Mochi bars to the menu and has been a hit.

"I take influence from both cultures and put them together. I wanted to do something original-most Japanese pastries are a lot less sweet than American pastries and many people ask me if I have a sweet tooth but I don't. So I'm making what I want to eat which is always less sweet," Blystone said.

At the market, Huggle Sweets offers three roll cakes options: vanilla with seasonal berry buttercream, chocolate with chocolate buttercream and matcha with azuki bean buttercream. There are two options of Mochi bar including gluten-free, cookies, biscotti, vegan cake and rotating cake flavors from week to week.

"I was thinking about what Japanese ingredients I can get easily and familiar to American customers. When you go to Japanese restaurant, everyone is ordering edamame. So I started to think about what is good with edamame and created Edamame Oats Cookies. People who tried them always come back for more," Blystone said. "You need some courage to try new things and that's what I love about making hybrid pastries."

And for those interested, Huggle Sweets also makes wedding cakes. In NY, Blystone made custom cakes which were often featured in the Martha Steward Wedding magazine.

Beaverton Farmers Market

Southwest Hall Boulevard, between Third and Fifth Streets, Beaverton


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