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Creekside Village Retirement Community resident Jim Shorr started Tai Chi 22 years ago as a student at Elizabeth Tyler's Lake Oswego Point's Old Lodge. After 18 months, she told Shorr and a friend they had accomplished everything she could teach.

"She told us to attend the teacher's school in New Mexico and if we survive, we could take over her practice," Shorr said.

They survived.

Shorr has taught Tai Chi for 19 months at Creekside where he says his greatest joy was seeing the residents like Tom Owens develop his movements and 90-year-olds Helen Poore and Marie thrive with enthusiasm. They rarely missed a morning practice. His eldest student, Elaine turned 101 and still visits Creekside's beauty salon opposite the Tai Chi Activity room.

Aside from the Creekside Tai Chi sessions, Shorr practices with a small group at the Shakespeare Garden at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland and teaches.

"T'ai Chi offers balance, inner strength and calm, some relief from muscular issues and spiritual values. If you are seeking a meditative practice that brings joy to your lifestyle, give this a shot," he said. "There are no material or spiritual rewards in this moving meditation community. The best seems to be the satisfaction of seeing the living benefits of Tai Chi practitioners and students. This is why it has the subtitle 'Joy with Movement.'"

At Creekside Village, we are continually surprised by the life experiences of our residents. Call today to find out how independent living can make your golden years shine.

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