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INSIDER brought to you by Executive Director Leah Fox-Lewis at Creekside Village-Senior Independent Living-Senior Apartments

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"The ducks said hello to us today."

Eve moved to Creekside recently and today, on her daily walk with her two dogs, she met a special group of longtime residents of Creekside Village-our family of ducks! Residents, staff and visitors alike are all aware of just how popular these happy little creatures are in our wonderful community.

"I'm so happy here; the grounds are beautiful, the food is great, and the community has welcomed me."

Moving in during the pandemic has not been easy, but Eve feels happy she was able to make the decision on her own, with support from her family. Transitioning from a multi-bedroom house to a one-bedroom apartment has left her with more time to plan her next painting design rather than thinking about what to make for dinner. Creekside Village takes care of many of her former responsibilities so residents can devote their time to relaxation, hobbies and friendships.

While the pandemic has temporarily restricted group activities and outside visits from family, Eve looks on the bright side, something she says she has tried to do her entire life. Even with Covid-19 restrictions, Eve is happy to shed the burden of a house and enter the comfort of life at Creekside Village. It was the perfect choice for Eve, it could be for you, too. Call Creekside Village today to schedule a virtual tour.

Call us for a tour: 503-643-9735.

Creekside Village

5450 S.W. Erickson Ave.

Beaverton, OR 97005


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