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It's warming up in the Northwest and time to start thinking about your garden. Beaverton Farmers Market will have two big nursery growers at the market starting in April with N & M Herb Nursery and Pumpkin Ridge Gardens.

"In April, we will have lots of early season favorites such as peas (snap, snow and shelling), spinach, lettuce, broccoli and onions, as well as some unusual vegetables such as bulb fennel, arugula and Asian greens mixes," Polly Gottesman of Pumpkin Ridge Gardens said. "We also will carry lots of culinary and medicinal herb and flower starts for people's gardens."

The best piece of advice for gardeners from Gottesman is to make sure you are planting according to the season.

"Buying big plants that have been grown in a hothouse and pumped up with chemicals does not equate to success in your garden. We grow plants that are in tune with the climate in the Pacific Northwest and transition into your garden well. Timing is important," she said.

Gottesman also encourages gardeners to experiment with different types of vegetables when they start to find out what works for them and what they love to grow and eat.

"One of the great things about buying garden starts at the farmers market is that you can talk to farmers, who know what grows here and when to plant. We are always happy to give advice about what to plant in your specific conditions," she said.

Come to Beaverton Farmers Market this Saturday and stop by our growers booths where they will help you with all your gardening questions.

Beaverton Farmers Market

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