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Seniors, I'm talking to you. We are too trusting in this fast-paced world, and we get befuddled by technology. It seems the younger generations move quickly and navigate the perils of the world well. Scammers are out there and there is no shame in falling for their schemes (which are good,) but here are a few tips to protect yourself.

• If someone calls you saying they are with a company/bank/organization and you are suspicious, tell them you will call back. Don't call the number they gave you or the number on your caller i.d., find the corporate number yourself and call. This way, you will know the person is actually representing the place they are calling from.

• The IRS and Social Security offices will NEVER call you. All correspondence will be through mail. If you are unsure, hang up and call the official number.

• Do not open email from people you don't know. Moreover, phishing scams are rampant! These scams look like real businesses emails, like Amazon, but aren't. Again, call the official number to confirm any correspondence.

• "Hi Grandma, it's me and I need help!" This scam tugs on our heartstrings. The scammers make it hard to hear them and are great at extracting information from us. Ask them, "what is your middle name," or "what is your mom's middle name?" If they don't know, it's a scam.

Protect yourself and your pocketbook. At Beaverton Lodge we take safety seriously and have a community of residents who can share their own experiences. We are always on guard to protect our residents. Come tour today.

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